Best Processor around 1500.00

I need a Processor to get me by until all the HDMI processors come out next year. I am looking at the Meridian 568.2 and the Cary Cinema 11. Any others you would like to recommend. I would like to spend between 1500.00 to 2000.00
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I would recommend the Cary Cinema 11a, it has 2 HDMI inputs and does all the high-def audio decoding (dts Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD). It sounds great, they just started shipping a couple weeks ago. So, no need to replace it, just start out with a high end processor.
Why not look at Emotiva as a temp solution? Its super cheap and has everything one could want, plus you could tell us if its any good!
First off, the Emotiva ain't out yet, nor is the interesting new Outlaw.

Second, if this is merely a stop-gap, try a used Integra 9.8. Should be able to pick one up for under $1k and sell it for about the same later. Since it does almost everything that the units on the horizon will do, it will give you a good education and make you ready for the new pre/pro.

Get a CAL SSP-2500 while waiting for HDMI. It's the best bang for the buck from the audio section like the one below. This used to cost $5000 at new and it's the most sounding and flexible pre-amp I ever owned and I have owned quite a few from Theta, Krell to Meridian and Bryston.

A good education? please
I just got the cary 11a to many issues I don't think they will resolve they are just to new to hdmi, it is most likely getting returned. I would look at the integra 9.9. It seems like the best bang for the buck and everyone that has one loves it.
Dont forget education!
I've had the Cary 11a installed and performing flawlessly since Thanksgiving week. No HDMI issues. It is connected to Toshiba A-30, XA2 (muxed through Oppo HDMI switch) and a Pioneer DP-95FD. It drives my Samsung projector.

The Dolby TrueHD and dts MasterAudio are amazing sounding.

What kind of issues did you have?
The Cary Cinema 11 (not 11a) is selling in that range, and is considered to be excellent. Good choice 'til the bugs drop off the newer players with the latest codecs...or, for just about $700, you can get a Cary cinema 6, which has great sound and has 2 7.1 analogue inputs for the addition of a blu ray. I have a 6 and plan to use it for the new Pioneer 09FD, or the Oppo if I am patient enough.....
I'm looking for exactly the same replace my Lexicon DC-2. As of now, I've narrowed it down to an Integra 9.8 or 9.9.