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How good is Emotiva 2 channel gear??
I think their amps are pretty good, but based on my experience with their UMC-1 processor (which I returned), they have a long way to go on designing a good processor. Their room equalization is lightyears behind uses fixed EQ bands a... 
Interconnects--How Important is a Tight RCA Fit?
you really want it pretty snug to avoid problems down the line due to corrosion/dirt/dust creeping in and reducing the contact area. 
For 75-85 dB a few watts are enough so ...
The largest cause of speaker failure is having an underpowered amplifier that clips and distorts loud sounds which can occur in music without you even being aware of them. This can occur even if you aren't listening at reference level. 
Next upgrade: cables. But which ones first?
Please be sure that you hear a difference (that you like) upgrading your cables before you spend lots of money. There is much disagreement about the (practical) value of expensive fact I know many running expensive systems using stock ... 
Should I sell my NHT Evolution M5 Theater Set?
Why not use the NHT L5's....out of production, but they appear pretty regularly on EBAY. Very similar to M5's and of course wall mountable. 
Furman AR-1215 voltage stabilizer/conditioner
If you live in a private home, call your electric company and have them fix your power.You should not need a voltage regulator unless you are in a badly underwired building.My suggestion is to fix the problem, not fix the symptom. 
Subwoofer wiring for Audessy EQ, advice needed
As long as both subs are connected to the same output on the processor...and both are powered on when Audyssey is tuned, you'll be OK with either wiring scheme. 
What's the latest word on the Emotiva UMC-1?
Robbob: Your world is a dedicated, acoustically tuned theater....and it's easy to say that you don't believe in or use room equalization. I would love to have that luxury as would most buyers of processors and amplifiers....but that's not our real... 
What's the latest word on the Emotiva UMC-1?
oh please....The UMC-1 has very primative room equalization when compared to an Audyssey capable processor. The EQ implementation of the sub (which is the most critical speaker to EQ) is especially primative using fixed EQ bands that are too wide ... 
subwoofer cable question
You will never be able to tell the difference but I'm sure someone out there will tell you to buy a super gizmo glitzy sub cable for $500.You will get far more improvement in your sub by moving it around and doing some simple, inexpensive room tun... 
How to eliminate background buzz
guess I can't modify in this forum....I meant move the imac close to the AMP. 
How to eliminate background buzz
obviously, this shouldn't be an inherent problem.The first thing I'd do is to move the imac to a few feet from the imac and try a much shorter cable. This will isolate if the problem is the cable and how it's running or in the IMAC itself. Note: y... 
Integra 9.9 v 40.1/.2 MAIN DIFFS ??
You should strongly consider the new Denon 3311 which also can act as a preamp. It has all the latest codec's, HDMI 1.4 and Audyssey Multeq pro....all for under $1000 (there are a couple being sold here for under $900). 
Integra 9.9 v 40.1/.2 MAIN DIFFS ??
One very big difference is that the 9.9 has Audyssey Multeq XT and the 40.x's only have multeq.The 40.x's can be found for maybe 1/2 the price being asked of the 9.9.You might also check out the 80.1 because the 80.2 is out and shipping to dealers... 
Budget amp for NHT 2.5i - suggestions?
You will be connecting the preamp output of the Decco to the McCormack amp....and not using the 50W amp. You will have 100Wpc.