Amp for Totem mani 2 for around $1000

I am looking for some suggestions on which Amps would be best to drive my recently purchused Totem Mani 2 which are 4 ohms speakers . I need to keep the cost around $1000. Any info or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
For your budget I would try the Sonographe SA400 by Conrad Johnson, lots of power for those Manis with a $750 to 800 price tag used they are a bargain. Combine with an SC25 or SC26 preamp and your set to go for under 1200. Cant think of anything better.
I'm driving mine with B&K M200 Sonatas and they're great. I tried Conrad Johnson MF2100's which were nice but not like the B&K's. Mine are vintage 1993 (I also have a pair from the first run in late 80's). The M200's can be found for ~$500 a pair +/- 100 used. There's a pair of B&K Reference 220m's for sale on Agon for $977obo - these are the updated M200's

I previously had a Parasound HCA2200 which would also do very nicely though I didn't have my Manis at the time so I can't attest 1st hand, but it has the current to drive them. The HCA2200 can be had for ~$650 +/-. I would recommend it highly.

I'm sure you can find an amp closer to your budget, which may be better than these - but I'm very satistfied with mine.
Used Creek 5350se integrated. I have two and love them. They can be found used for about $1000, but you have to be vigilant - they are snapped up in a hurry.
Hi...I just bought a pair of Mani 2 Signiture's right from Totem. I did an enormous amount of research on driving them and I have found the most heavenly combination for driving these speakers. These speakers demand extraordinary current. The combination I use is way beyond your price...but therse speakers really reward you when you spend a bit more. PS Audio has a new line of Gain Cell amps and integrated's. I am using the GCA 100 which drives a 2 ohm load easily. Paired with an AE-3 DJH (Cary) preamp gives the best of both world's...and the Mani's love tubes (a tube amp, however, will not drive the bass on these). The GCC 100 Integrated will work great too. Try and find these used, since the Gain Cell was virtually invented to drive a difficult load. An old NAD 2600 amp also did a great job before I put down the long one used and get a decent tube preamp and you will be in sonic heaven I promise.
"(a tube amp, however, will not drive the bass on these)"

Not true, not true, not true.
Thanks for responses , I am now looking into buying a Classe CA-200 which should be around $1050 to $1200 in cost and about 350 watts at 4 ohms.I have previously had a pair of Totem model 1 speakers with a Classe CA-101 and it sounded great but I wanted a speaker that would go lower without a sub. Let me know if you think that the two would be a good match?