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Hi Folks:
I've been out of the audio upgrade path for a while, but now want to invest in a power conditioner (I'm thinking it may be the weak link in my system). I want to spend under $1k used. Last time I looked at the topic, it looked like Audio Magic Stealth was king of the hill, surpassing the likes of PS Audio, Shunyata and Sound Application. Is that still the case? I'd be using the unit to power a pair of Blue Circle BC2 amps, Supratek Syrah preamp, Bidat DAC, Pioneer 525 Transport, and likely a Marquee CRT Projector. Let me know if you have advice or recommendations! Thanks!
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For under $1000.00 I suggest you to get a bybee technologie signature model which I had before. I had used a lot of power conditioners but Bybee is a good one for the price (less than $500.00 used). Good luck.
I have used the Stealth with great success and highly
recommend it. I was amazed a few days ago when I tried the
Stealth in combination with the Richard Gray 400. I also
had Bybee modules installed in the power amps by Great Northern and that also raised the bar. It's interesting
the degree to which all this can contribute to the success
of a system.
Check out the 12 amp Powervar's for sale here on audiogon. Am very pleased. Using for a Marsh A400s amp and no compression as is often claimed. Actually I bought it for something else but tried it with my amp to see if I could hear the compression that sometimes a power conditioner can cause with a power amp. None even when cranked. The midrange is more liquid and the blacker background made it quite the bargain.
I'm a big Audio Magic fan. Started with the Stealth then went to the Mini Matrix with a Digital Mini Stealth, and now I'm using the Eclipse. Requires two power cords, which I have connected to two dedicated outlets. That's the way to go with this baby, for digital and analog isolation. The Eclipse plus my Sonoran and Harmonix power cords = electric nirvana.
Thanks for the input guys. I have to say, I tried the Bybee filters on speaker cable before, and was disappointed - but it could have just been system synergy or something. Also, for reference, I'm using 47 Labs OTA Sakura cable for interconnects and SC, FIM Gold PCs for amps and Shunyata Sidewinder for preamp. I'll check out the conditioners you mentoin. Thanks again,
The Hydra 8 provided the best sound in my system. Audio Tekne is also very good if you can find one. I plug the Hydra in the Monster AVS 2000 which keeps voltage at a steady 120. A must if you have tubes. The result is greater dynamics. I have had ps audio and tice products which did absolutely nothing IMO
For value, you can't beat the Balanced Power Technology conditioners. The BPT-2 can handle 2000 watts for under $1000. I use one on my second system.
I agree with Sc53 100%. Are you trying to EQ the system or cleanup the A/C? The BPT ultra is a great way to go.

New to the scene, but looking very promising.
Some nice reviews, too.
I have a Custom Power Block by the Custom Power Cord Company. I'm not sure that they make it any more or even if the Company exists but I really like mine.
Take a look at the BMI "IPLC" (type "shark" in the Audiogon search box). It is an amazing and simple power / line conditioner for the money. It comes with it's own hard wired power cord and takes a good 500 + hours to fully break in, but when it does, it is wonderful (you can plug your refrigerator into it for a few weeks for break-in). They are now just starting to show up used, but you can get a reasonable price from Brian at BMI (good/honest guy). It is the best power conditioner I have tried and is cheap compared to the rest of the better ones.

I would look into the Sound Applications XE-12s power conditioner. I've used mine for a couple years with excellent results.
The Sound Applications XE-12 is an excellent line conditioner but it is not equal to the BMI IPLC - Find a used BMI\- IPLC in the neighborhoode of $ 500.00 - 600.00 on Audiogon or contact BMI for their best deal and you will stop looking for line/power conditioning solutions. It is flat out a steal !
Consider the Sound Application XE-12S. Twelve outlets, six digital, six analogue. Superb.

I've noticed some posters have said they use the Powervar 6 amp version for digital, why?

Wouldn't the 12 amp version work for everything from amps to preamps to cd players?


Tice Power Conditioner - Now discontinued.
It's just my opinion, but I would get the Sidewinder out of there first.
One must consider the conditioners from Blue Circle.
Another vote for Audio Magic. The only other conditioner I enjoyed was the Shunyata original Hydra (the newest models are respectable too). IME, I don't like anything with a transformer .... passive conditioning all the way.