Best integrated for under $7000

Come on lets hear your suggestions.
YBA Passion Integre
Of course I have not heard them all to say for sure; but put the Passion on your list of possibles.
YBA Passion Integre
Mcintosh MA6900 ($4500). Some might say the Gryphon 2100 which is priced at $7000.
I have not heard the Mcintosh,(But I'm sure it's nice) I have listened to the YBA the step under the Passion Series. I know the there is a guy Bill in Phoenix that owns Speakers Ect. that sells YBA, and has it hooked with both a YBA CD and a Electrocompeint(sp). And damn does that stuff sound SWEET. There also pretty good with prices, if your serious.
Ten used Audio refinement Completes or four Aleph P's!
BAT VK-300x with the 6H30 tube.
Jeff Rowland Concentra II
Haven't heard the YBA or the BAT but my vote would go to the Pathos Logos.
I agree with Ev dearmas. I am using the Rowland with a pair of Avalon Arcus and a Cary 303/200 cd player. This is the best sound or should I say music that I've heard in my listening room. Comes down to synergy and this synergistic trio stays!
Take care.
Here's another vote for the YBA passion
7K for an integrated! Wow! Brinkman or Pathos.
Disclaimer: I am a Xindak dealer.

This is probably going to sound like crazy talk, but the Xindak integrated amps are the BEST my dad and I have EVER heard (6800SE $1695 and 6900SE $1995 retail). We simply cannot believe the sonics coming from these products. They should absolutely NOT sound as good as they do for what they cost.

As many of you know, I have been touting how amazing their CD/SACD player is on many of the forums ($1695 retail)...Well, their integrated products are just as special.

Please let me know if anyone wants additional details and I would be happy to go into more detail...As usual, I don't want to waste forum space (since I am obviously biased) unless I am asked to do so.

Just want folks to be aware of this line (regardless of where you might make a purchase), and to give their products an audition if you can, it could end up saving you a LOT of money.

Best Regards...Mike - Father & Son Audio
I agree with Jmcgrogan2 with BAT VT 300x, I heard this unit
its a very, very good one.

Get yourself the new Dave Belles Power Modules integrated with outboard power supply and have enough leftover to buy a second one. Looks as good as it sounds!