Best city between these two?

Which is the best city between these two....Miami,Fl. or Atlanta, Ga. ? Important considerations are :jobs, weather, audio shopping :), good shopping for the lady, and the arts and alot to do. My fiance has lived in some big cities(London,U.K.,Paris, France) and wants to live in a similar type of city. Anyone who lives in either of these cities now or ever, could you recommend nice areas and opinions? Thanks in advance.
Either one is acceptable but there are no decent cities between these two. ;-)
kal, you took the words right outta my mouth! ;~)

seriously, i couldn't tolerate either city because i can't stand hot humid weather. lots in both places. if i were forced to choose, i'd go for atlanta because its geography is a *lot* more interesting, imo - not completely flat, w/only tropical vegetation. also, it's a tad less humid & wet on a year-round basis. and, there's actually some semblence of seasons, w/some leaves changing colors in the fall & coming off the trees in the winter, etc.

ymmv, doug s.

Hi, Bradz: I wish you the best on this one. I lived in Europe (mainly Germany) for 5 years, and in the western Pacific (Tokyo, Seoul, Okinawa, etc.) for 4 years, and I can only sympathize with your fiance. When you mention cities like London and Paris, the only large cities that come close in the US are Boston, New York, Chicago, and maybe a handful of runners-up such as St. Louis and San Diego -- forget LA, much less Miami and Atlanta. At one time, my list would have included San Francisco, but this once-fabulous city has slid badly in recent years. KR4 hit the nail on the head: there are no larger cities between Atlanta and Miami that one could recommend. If I were going away from Seattle (which I don't recommend anymore as a place to relocate) and wanted to stay in the Pacific NW, I'd probably go to Portland, OR -- a medium sized, very liveable city. If I were to move to the east coast again (I was raised in the Maryland suburbs to the west of Washington, DC), I would be looking hard at North Carolina for its quality of life. No major cities, but it has a lot of other things to offer: beautiful geography, pleasant climate, reasonable housing prices, good quality and available healthcare, sound technology-based industries, and some excellent universities (Duke, UNC, etc.)
I would take traffic into consideration. Dont know about Miami, but traffic problems in Atlanta might put you off.
Good luck.
I disagree, I live in Clearwater, FL, in the Tampa St Pete area, it's pretty good, especially for shopping, sorry, pretty weak for stereos, those the reason I visit this site so much. I grew up outside of NYC and have lived in Atlanta, there's enough here to keep me happy, and I can live on the beach.... Try that in Atlanta!
Go to Atlanta, great city, great food, great culture. The NYC of the south. Not quite as hot as Miami, not so far from the ocean that you can't get there, mountains(go to "On the Viranda" in Lakewood NC, incredible cuisine) are just a couple of hours away to the north. Yes its busy and has traffic, name a city that has grown as fast and offers much that doesn't have these problems. Is it London, Chicago, Paris, or New York? Of course not, its Atlanta. And think a little bit about what you can bring to the city, not what all you want to take from it.
And no, I don't live there now, but have, my best friend does live there, owns a restaurant with her husband called Fuego(tapas, Spanish foods) which I did supply the sound system for. And I am from Chicago and lived many years in many places, Boston, Seattle, DFW, all great cities and Atlanta is one of them.
The difference between Miami and yogurt is that yogurt has an active culture. Go with Atlanta.
if you like to sit in traffic move to atlanta. i live 60 miles from atlanta. it does have some good things about it. miami has nice things and is on the beach , big plus. i think miami is a little rough though. i would rather live in orlando, clearwater ,,tampa, hollywood, ft lauderdale, and my little town athens ga. than either city.
I live in Atlanta and I love it. What peolpe say about the traffic is mostly true, though. But, if you don't want to deal with the traffic, live and work in the city. The suburbs are where the traffic is hell.

Have lived in London and (originally from) Paris. My US experience is limited to a few cities, so I can speak about characteristics that yr fiancee (I assume it's "she") may enjoy:
small cafes, restaurants or brasseries, creative shops (any thing from cheese to Xmas ornaments), many venues (small & large) for art exhibs and music, geographical & architectural beauty for nice walks... Standard shopping is so easy in the US I don't think you should relocate for it.

If she's European, however, a nice house and peace & quiet will do! There's also lots of beautiful landscape readily available in the US -- no worry there. Proximity to the sea is also a very strong argument!

NY and Boston are large cities most Europeans feel at home at, particularly NY: in some respects it looks like '30's Europe (rather, what '30's europe would have liked to look like had we had the will & the means!)

Between the two cities, Atlanta sounds better to me . My fiance(from Spain) thinks the ideal city would be like NYC or Chicago. We were in Chicago about 3 months ago and stayed one night in downtown. I've been to Chicago and love the town but think its too cold in the winter. I moved from Indianapolis to get away from the cold years ago! We now live in Wilmington, N.C. Wilmington is a college beach town about a hour and a half north of Myrtle Beach, S.C. . The weather here is ideal so, I think Atlanta would be our better choice. We are taking a road trip within the next couple of weeks to check out Atlanta. Thanks for all the responses!
In Atlanta - the people are nicer and in Miami the roaches - they call them palmeto bugs - are bigger, but the bathing suits smaller.
You guys are gonna have to buy some cheap tickets and just see for yourselves.
I lived in Atlanta for 15 years, the traffic is a real problem - too much growth too fast, but it is a great place to live and raise kids, - your in the South! Cost of living is also very reasonable for a city that size, I have to emphasize that traffic rivals LA and Washington DC, you'll spend alot of time in your car - GRIDLOCK...
Few big cities in this country are desirable any more, in my opinion. As a Miami friend as aptly put it, when out of state people would comment, "Miami, that's the deep south, isn't it?", he would reply, "No, it's more like South America." If you're not Cuban, it's not the place to be. They don't even speak English in many stores there.

Atlanta is a bad memory for me. I was there on an extended visit, with an intention of making a decision about living there. I stayed in a sort of budget business man weekly hotel. When I complained about the neighbor's noise and incessant door slamming from below, I was treated like absolute garbage, told to leave, and the manager had an off-duty female police officer from Norcross, who lived there, threaten and intimidate me to the point that he had here stand outside, across from my room, making intimidating postures. I did take care of her; when I followed up with the Norcross Police superintendant as to her using a police uniform when not on duty for imtimidation purposes.

I truly got the feeling that as a "northerner", I was not welcome. I also found many of the transplants in Atlanta highly stuffy and conceited. Not a place I would move to.