What difference between..........

I am in need of surround speakers.

My sytem: Jm Lab Diva Utopia be, Center 1000be speaker.
There is a SR 1000be speakers in the family of the Jm Lab.

My goal: 2 channel and multiple music and Home Theater.

I have the opportunity to buy the Micro Utopia be from a friend of mine. The Micro Utopia be is a monopole speaker.

What is the difference in regard to sound among the monopole,dipole/bipole speakers.

Which is better or advisable to have as surround.

If I understand correctly if I have as a SR a monopole speaker I will prevent myself of having the "magic" sound of the sound effects behind me.
Would you advise me to buy the Micro Utopia be?

My room is 21'x12.It is my living room.

My listen position is 7' in front of the speakers.
Space behind me 10'.

Dipole surrounds work well in theatres with a wide seating area. In fact they also use arrays to maintain a balanced sound (difficult to keep balance in a huge hall).

At home for a few people on a couch I don't think it matters as much - dipole or monopole whatever is your fancy. It is best to get the same speakers all around. It is second best to use speakers from the same manufacurer that are recommended for use together (similar design). The more closely matched the speakers then the more seamless or convincing will be the surround.
I think di-pole speakers work best even in smaller rooms, my BW surrounds have a switch for mono or di-pole so I have switched back and forth several times and di-pole works best with better signal spread and disapear much better. I think matching 3 fronts is very critical but the surrounds dont play much importance so you can get what you like to look at and afford, I have had in the past a matched system and now have VMPS front and center and BW for rears. time after time material doesnt justify the hassle or expense in matching brands.
I have a pair of the Divas and the Center 1000 Be as well. For surrounds I am using the Profile 908s with great results. If you wanted dipoles, you could always use the SR908s. I visited the Focal factory in France about two years ago and met Dominic, the designer of most of the current product line, and he said that they try to match the different lines to each other as best they can. Not advising you to pass on the Micro's as I would have loved to have a pair, but if you want dipole you could go with the Profiles and get a very close match to the Divas and 1000 Be.
Thanks all of you.

I still do not know what is(are) the difference(s) among monopole,dipole/bipole SR speakers in regard a sound quality in a 2 channel or multiple channel music and in
home theater scenario.
It is a matter of taste? Or there are some factors that they need to be observed or implemented in regard to the size of a room and the selection in one the above speakers?

NEALRM: It seems that you will go for the Micro Utopia be.

The Micro Utopia be is a monopole speakers. Are they good for HT?

I did not get the Micro Be's due to budget. For the size of my room and placement of the speakers, I preferred the monopole to the dipole speakers. I place them out to the side and slighly behind my listening position and at about ear height. I have always viewed dipole surround speakers as more of an option for large rooms where multiple people will be listening. The dipole surround channels can then diffuse the sound a bit to accomodate everyone. For smaller rooms and limited people, direct radiating speakers can be precisely placed to provide great surround sound results. At the time, the Profile speakers were the next step down as the new Electra Be's were not yet in production.