Best CD a transport?

In using a seperate DAC and would often be nice to have the music keep playing...diner parties..etc. So, what is the best sounding..and working CD changer out there to use with an outboard DAC?? Thanks.
For not a lot of money Harmon Kardon makes CD Changers with Digital outputs. Only one I've heard. There are others such as Rotel RCC-945 & RCC-955. The 955 has HDCD, so may outperform your DAC with those CDs.
Parasound CDC-1500 works well. Has coaxial digital out and can be upgraded to use ATT glass fiber. It uses 20bit Burr-Brown chip set so the onboard DAC is also quite good.
I just bought a Marantz CC67 on Ebay for $168. I was a dealer demo. It was one of the few inexpensive cd players with a coax digital output, most only have toslink. The price was right--so I thought I would take a chance. New list on them last year was around $400.
I use a Sony DVP7700 for a transport and a Monarchy 22-A DAC. Sounds great!
If you mean juke-box style changer, I'd go with a Sony ES changer. The model numbers change all the time, but they can be had new for 300-350 dollars and hold 300 CDs.
Also in this category is the Denon DCM 370 with HDCD already on board. Can be had for around $300.00. If you want use the MSB DAC Link III for around $400.00. Dont buy the HDCD option from MSB as this is already on the Denon. But the upsampling option is worth considering at an additional $199.00. Should be the ticket your looking for.
try a CAL with digital outs, probably the best multi disc transport your going to get
If you are talking jukeboxes, I'm not sure you're going to hear any significant difference using the digital outs. Perhaps with a higher end piece like the Denon 5000. If you are using solely for party/background (non-critical listening) I'd go with a cheap changer and your DAC. If your DAC only has one digital input, save it for a good single play CD transport, and get a little better changer and use its analog output. I think the Sony ES, Pioneer Elite, and above-mentioned Denon have some of the better analog outs. Don't even think about a jukebox without a keyboard input - major PIA. If you want a five-disc, OneCall has the HK 8550 right now for 200 - dual 20-bit BB1702's, HDCD decoding - should be the later models with the quality problems fixed. The previously-mentioned (Marantz, Parasound, CAL) are good choices as well as the Adcom GCD-700. Good luck!
i have a Nakamichi MB-8 which i bought on the internet for $250 new. sounds great. 20 bit processor, elevator loading system which saves space and also looks cool ( straight into player like in a car
I bought an Aiwa XC37M for $90 from J&R Music World at the end of Dec based on a review I had read in Bound For Sound. It only has a toslink output. Right out of the box, it sounded lean and sterile, but after some run in time, it has smoothed out a bit. I bought this primarily for background music and have not been disappointed. It is not as transparent and does not have as deep bass as my Parasound CBT2000, but it sounds much better as a transport than you would think for $90. It can be modified for $130 by Stan Warren to something that is claimed to be as good as almost anything, but I have not had the time to try the mod. The only drawback that I would see with it is its appearance-several led's flash on and off when it is playing. Otherwise as a transport, I think it's a great bargain.