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Do CD-R's sound the same as originals
I agree with KTHOMAS. I use a Sony DVP-7700 for a transport and a Monarchy A-22 for the DAC, great sound. When I record I use the same set up and record with a Pioneer PDR-509. By using a AudioQuest digital Pro coaxial cable From the digital out o... 
Sony DVD madness.
I have both, the DVP-7000 and the DVP-7700. I use the DVP-7000 for movies and the DVP-7700 for music using a Monarchy 22-A D/A converter. I have used a Pioneer 525 and a Sony S-330, not even close to the DVP-7000 in pic.and sound quality. Mike 
Who R U?
Hi everyone, I'm 48, sell new Cadillac's for Don Massey and have been in to Audio since I was a kid. A good friend of mine had a Magnavox console stereo (really his folks) and we used to listen to the Venture's on it. What great sound that thing h... 
Vintage Receivers vs. Modern MidFi
Hi, you cannot beat older gear. I am currently using a Pioneer SX-1980, SX-1250 and a Pioneer Series 20 A-27 integrated amp. Thease are very well built receivers and amps. Sound quality and power superb. Can drive low impedance speaker loads with ... 
Integrated amp decision, oh the headache
You might want to look at some older high end gear. I am using an 80's Pioneer Series 20 A-27 integrated amp. I bought new and would put it up against most Integrated amps. made today. I use a Sony DVP-7700 for a cd transport and a Monarchy 22-A D... 
Best Sony DVDplayer for music?
I have both Sonys, a DVP-7000 and a DVP-7700. I use the DVP-7000 in my home theater system and the DVP-7700 with a Monarchy 22-A DAC in my music system. The DVP-7700 on its own is a great sounding cd player but the Monarchy DAC adds a little more ... 
Best CD a transport?
I use a Sony DVP7700 for a transport and a Monarchy 22-A DAC. Sounds great! 
Subwoofer blues
I have owned a few and tried a lot, from B&W, Infinity, Carver, ect. Settled on the Velodyne CT-120. Very tight, not boomie. Has a 270 watt amp with an adjustable frequency and gain control. I use it mostly for music (smooth jazz) but watch an... 
What have YOU got?
Combining old tech. with new tech. For clean power and lots of it, Pioneer SX-1980, to play music, Sony DVP-S7700 and an Monarchy 22-A DA converter. For base, Velodyne CT-120 subwoofer, to reproduce the mid's and high's a pair of Infinity SM-255's... 
Sub for basement system
Go to your local circuit city and pick up a Velodyne ct-120 or the ct-150 you will be truley amazed. Look up the spec's. at, good luck. 
Are tuners getting worse?
Yes indeed. My listening room is in the lower level in my home and my tuner is a Pioneer 6500II. I can get any and ststions that are availably in my area with no problem using a 300 ohm ant.