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Best portable rig?
I bought a ZVOX to hook up to my TV a couple of months ago and I'm pleased. I don't care much about home theater so I figured this might be a decent/cheap solution for movies; it works well. Not true stereo, but it does a good jo... 
NAD 270/NAD C350
Andreas, I have a pair of Tannoy MX-3's. The Tannoy's are not the best speakers I've owned or the worst. They are just consitantly "decent" not great and not bad. They sounded good with the C350 by itself. Like I said in my other post, I really wa... 
NAD 270/NAD C350
Do you want to use the C350 as a pre? Or do you want to add the C270 to the C350 to biamp? I added a C270 to my C350 to biamp my speaks and it works well. I can't say that adding the C270 made a huge difference in my system maybe stronger bass. At... 
reel to reel help
thanks for all the help-matt 
record storage?
thanks for all your responses-I didn't even think to look at Ikea and the Gothiccabinets look good alsomatt 
Rocky return to vinyl
I think Richard is right. I just got into vinyl a little over a year ago. I have a fairly modest setup Rega P2, the least expensive Rega cart and a NAD PP2. I also tried to listen to my old records from high school and most of them sounded pretty ... 
Any experience with NAD PP 2 preamp?
I own a PP2 and have been happy with it. I haven't heard the Creek or the Musical Fidelity so I can't comment on them. When I bought the PP2 I also listened to the Music Hall phono preamp (I can't remeber the model) but the NAD seemed a little ful... 
Black Sabbath Earmark reissue vs. Rhino reissue
I've been real pleased with the Earmark reissues. I didn't know Rhino was doing it also. I'll have to check it out. thanks 
Best speaker sytem for Linn majik+mimik setup?
I'm using a pair of Castle Richmonds with my Majik. They're a real decent match. Not much bass as you would expect from a small monitor. Beyond that they are real clean and open sounding. 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Motorhead-Iron Fist (really loud) 
"Beginner" audiophile Turntable for $200-$300?
I was in the same spot you are a couple of weeks ago. I was trying to decide between the mmf5 or the NAD533. At they were running a special on the NAD533. I think it's about $360 plus shipping. I ended up with a Rega P2 and I... 
speaker stand question
Thanks for the comments. I'll try elevating the stands I have and try tipping the speakers up a bit before I spend any money on new stands. 
Reliability of Golden Tube amps....
I bought a SE-40 second hand about 3-4 years ago and have not had any reliability problems with it, but I have heard that some people did have problems with GTA products. For a long time it was difficult to get a schematic for the SE-40, but I've ... 
Where can I buy Monitor Audio speakers on the web?
thanks for your help-matt 
Who build's Hybrid Integrated's wth Remote??
Sonic Frontiers make the INT2. I think it's at least 100 watts. I'm not sure though.