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Need Help Ripping My CD Collection
Thanks for the input. I used Bluesound equipment throughout my house but don't want to spend that much on the Vault at this time. I'll check out Audacity, dbpoweramp and JRiver.Should I spend the additional money on a SS drive or will a quality tr... 
Speaker placement and Furniture -assitance needed
thanks for the response, my current system is a musical fidelity cd-pre and a pair of paradigm active monitors, this is temporary as i have been waiting to find the right space before purchasing a new system, i will primarily look for front-ported... 
Question for Dunlavy ScIII users
thanks for all the input - mike 
Question about Gain, amp power and volume
perhaps i shouldn't have put lower powered in my post as this shouldn't be a priority as muchas i should be concerned with finding an amp and cd combo that will work better with my speakers, if i can achieve this by just using a different cd playe... 
Question about Gain, amp power and volume
my two hopes in being able to use the full range of my volume control is to be able to use the full amount (or at least half) to have fine control over the volume, also i get a jump in volume at certain parts in my usable range that does not corre... 
Question about Gain, amp power and volume
newbee - do you think i would have this problem even if i had lower powered amp say around 70 to 100w, also i only use cd, i was under the impression most cd players had about the same output, is this true or am i incorrect, thanks for the input -... 
needs help from ground noise cd player
i recently had a hum problem and reived many helpful replies, please check this thread titled : i hate to ask but I Really Need Help 
i hate to ask but I Really Need Help
thanks for all the help, especially the post from Sean, i'll probably have to look it up in the future. Thee problem truned out to be something wrong with the cd inputs, i did not detect this the first time i checked them as they do not repond to ... 
i hate to ask but I Really Need Help
Dweller-i have tried many of the recommendations found in the archives, as mentioned i have dealt with this problem in the past, in this apartment i not only do not have cable i do not a have a tv anywhere near my system, which is the first or sec... 
i hate to ask but I Really Need Help
-i forgot to mention the problem doen't occur unless the cd and amp are connected 
Question about grounding?do i need one to stop hum
i switched the outlet and hooked up the ground wires that were run with the other wire, though i do not know if these are actually grounded, either way i still have the hum, also forgot to mention i have tried changeing interconnects, i will try r... 
Question about grounding?do i need one to stop hum
i do not have cable tv but i will definetly try changing the outlet-thanks 
Question about grounding?do i need one to stop hum
yes i have the units connected, it is when they are connected and the amp set to the cd input that the hum is worst-thanks 
DJ Speakers for home use small room
I went with the JBL's...I figure if I don't like em I can sell them on Ebay for about the same that I paid for far as the amplifier goes (the NAD), i'm having some trouble finding it on ebay or on this site. I really want it after doing ... 
Paradigm speaker stands for 80?
paradigm offers their own stands under the Premier label, intro stand cost $69, check it out on the paradigm website