Best Cartridge for Rega RB 300 and RB1000 ?

I own both arms and I will use both on 2 different tables. Unfortuntately, I don't know waht to look for when it comes to specs, i.e., tonearm mass, compliance, etc. However, I know what i like when it comes to what I'm hearing.
Currently, a Denon 103 is mounted on the RB300. To me it has very good soundstage, tonal balance, attack and decay. Bass is deep and articulate with low passages very quiet. I like the combo very much.
The RB1000 is still new in the box. Plans are to mount it this Winter, but I have no cartridge yet.
Any and all advise is sought from all.
Thanks for your time and effort.
Take a look er a listen of the new Rega MC Cartridge. I heard it the other day and am waiting for the dealer to break it in so I can try it at home. Very good first impression.
If you like the DL103 on an RB300, then a DL103R on the 1000 would be a sure thing. I run both a 'standard' 103 and an R, and the R is a bit more refined whilst keeping all the good qualities of the standard 103.

I have had very good luck with Van Den Hul. The effective mass is perfect fit for VDH as well as many others. The RB100 has an effective mass of ten.
I had a Benz Glider and then a Cardas Heart Reference on my RB300 when I had it. They both retailed for more than the arm, the Heart especially, but they sounded great. The Heart is also a Benz, by the way.
The Ortofon Vigor is a European HOMC that is packaged w/the RB300 by Acoustic Solid (from whom I recently bought a table/arm/cart). The combo works very well and this cart (or US equivalent Ortofon HOMC) represents good value at its price point - app. $250. I later swapped out the Ortofon for a Clearaudio Aurum Beta S (app $500) from another table I own and found somewhat tighter deep bass and fuller mid bass for the effort. Net, I definitely prefer the Clearaudio, but would have to admit that the Ortofon probably represents the better value.
Thanks for he suggestion. The idea has intrigued me. Which arm have you used with the Denons?

Thanks for the info "RGB1000 has an effective mass of ten." What does this mean in terms of which cart to use, what should I consider as far as mvolts are concerned? Also, any particular model of VDH?

Tobias and Martykl,
Were you able to compare the carts you mention to the Denon 103?
Oregon, I've never heard the 103, sorry.

FWIW I've heard Dynavector carts in other people's RB300s and liked them a lot, especially the 17D2. BTW if you haven't had your RB300 rewired, it is very much worth it IME.
I've never heard the 103 either.
Hi Oregon.

I used a couple of arms as my TT has three arms. Currently I use Morch UP4 for the DL103R and a 12” Scheu Classic for the DL103. I tried both carts on both arms, and on a SME 3009.

The DL103R was noticeably better on all three arms. The only caveat is that the R needs a lower value load (impedance) than the regular DL103 to sound it’s best, but then you’d probably need to change the loading for just about any other cart you get anyway.

BTW, I also used a Benz Ref II and Koetsu Rosewood on all three arms and to my ears the R is superior to the Benz and very close to the Koetsu. (I’ll probably be tarred and feathered for saying this though!)

Paul, Which mass wand do you use on the Moerch arm with the 103R?

Hi Dave, For the Denon’s I use a 9" blue dot (14 gram) arm. I also tried the yellow dot but they sounded better on the blue. Not much in it though.

My TT is very well isolated, the stand is on a concrete floor and I use two three-inch maple platforms, so I assume it to be fairly free of vibrations.