Rega RB1000 cueing arm height adjustment?

Just mounted a RB1000, have it tilted slitely to the rear as suggested in the RB1000 instal booklet. My problem is the tonearm will not clear the platter, the cueing arm is not lifting it high enough. Even if the tonearm were level with the platter there is no way it will clear it with the cue arm up. The install guide states the cueing arm can be adjusted for height and that your Rega dealer can do it for you, but that is all it says. I looked all over this RB1000 and don't see anything.
Anyone know how to get the cueing arm to go higher?

Thanks, Samdon't get it higher it's p
The pad on the cueing mechanism is fastened with a screw.
With the Allen key you can loosen the screw and try to
get the pad ( 'arm') higher.

It’s not the vertical adjustment I’m concerned with... it’s the lateral, side-to-side adjustment. It seems to have loosened up over the years, so much so that when you raise of lower the arm, rather than moving straight up-and-down it tends to wander to either the left or right. Clearly, there’s something that’s loosened up, jsut don’t know if there’s an adjustment to fix it. And I don’t want to remove the arm just yet, since I just paid to have it dialed in and don’t want to screw that up.  But thanks for the reply!