Best audio mag

What magazine do you like best and why.
STEREOPHILE Very comprehensive reviews. Great bi-yearly recommended component issues.
Stereophile, and TAS second. But Sphl isn't as good as it was from '95 to '99. I like the reviews and especially the industry reports, and I love to read Michael Fremer's "Analog Corner".
Yea Carl,I love analog corner also but I think he gets a little carried and overly enthusiastic on some of the stuff he recommends.An example is the Lehmann Black Cube.I had one for over a year and it was good but the Musical Fidelity X-LP was as good.I had one of those before the Cube.Lots of politics in Stereophile.
If you're really into music,not just hi-fi per se,TAS is the only choice. Well written articles on a variety of subjects,and the record reviews alone are worth the subscription price. What good is great sounding stereo gear without great sounding recordings? Yeah,they're opinionated,but if you read it with an open mind,I guarantee you'll learn something,and not just about equipment.The new format is fabulous,too-go for it.
Stereophile has lost alot of it good (not to serious) writers over time, Corey Greenberg, Rob Harely, Jack English, Wes Philips. They were fun to read. Now they have J-10 as the main man. Does anyone understand let alone belive any thing he says. Lately my vote woul go to Listener Mag, very entertaining. TAS has also improved lately
J-10 seems like a typical frumpy NY snob to me, and is more into writing and collecting wines, than listening.
Bound for Sound has treated me to the greatest insight in the High-end world. The main reason is NO ADVERTISING. All other Publications especially Stereophile are swayed by the big bucks. BFS usually comes out with reviews months and even years before the other mags. If your tired of hearing the same hum-drum reviews of Krell,Levinson,Rowland,check this publication out. He is also easy to contact through e-mail
Sorry....Stereophile magazine is going down the drain very fast!! Their glory days are gone (unfortunately). TAS is already blowing them away! Great magazine and best reviewers and contributors by far. Stereophile customer service sucks...I have lost two issues (undelivered)in the past year! I call them and they simply can buy back issues if available...c'mon what a bull s.... In comparison, I lost (in the trash) my Nov-Dec issue of TAS. I call them and very nicely said they will send me a replacement free! Folks....this was on a Monday, next day Tuesday I received the missing issue by Fedex!!!!! Can I say more....
Clearly TAS. Mojo, from England, if you're really into popular music from last three decades. Domestic rags could learn alot about information design, graphic design and brevity from Mojo. Stereophile has caved to corporate, homogenized piffle. Jonathan Scull is unbearable! Pretentious and solipsistic to the point where he's become, actually, hilarious (unintentionally.)
He's been that way for many years, it's just that he's in charge of deciding what gets reviewed now, and that's "unbearable". I've not read one cover-to-cover in a year, but my wasting time on the internet is mostly to blame...
I am not sure if it is still published,but my vote would be for the Audio Critic.
Of course, like everyone else, I've been reading Stereophile over the years, but times are changing. The Absolute Sound and Listener Magazine are moving to the front of the class. Back to Stereophile, I've learned to tolerate J-10, but who wants to hear from or about K-10 over and over again. Not me!
In addition to TAS, Positive Feedback and Hi-Fi & Music Review (English) are worth a read, along with The Inner Ear (Canada).
The Inner Ear is ok, occasionally they'll review something that nobody else has.
Hi A2Z; TAS=The Absolute Sound-- probably the best high end audio mag. now published--IMHO. While I still read Stereophile, I agree with the above posts in that it's in (maybe) terminal decline. Its founder J. Gordon Holt now writes for TAS. Happy Listening. Craig
Currently reading Stereophile and TAS. Different philosophies, tastes and besides the equipment reviews of too costly gear (interesting but not vital for me) I use the mags as a source for music to hear and for tech input. Think a person like Harley now in The ect vision deserves more TAS space his book I consider basic for anyone in hi fi.... and the same with J Gordon.... left Stereophile The idea of two reviewers giving their opinion(TAS) on same gear is interesting and if done properly give more to the reader than only one reviewers position. I´ve considered Listener but the promo letter I got didn´t prompt me to get another audio mag... Futher positive comments on it´s content quality and maybe fresher approach to hifi might lure me to subscribe. More comments on Listener anyone? Thanks
Sol322; I too did not care for the promo. lit. of Listener mag. It made me feel like I WAS going to buy it whether I wanted to or not-- too aggressive for me. At least for now. Craig
TAS! Stereophile has definitely caved. TAS remains committed to high-end, whereas 'phile is trying to hang on to high enders while bringing some of the Stereo Review into the fold. I too think "J-10" is a flake with too much money and not enough discrimination.