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Mapleshade versus Stealth
Hello, I have the double helix speaker and innerconnects. I am thoroughly pleased. The innerconnects are a bit of a pain to set up properly. They need to be separated and off the floor. The speaker cable is also a pain for the same reason. I found... 
Buyer Beware!
If it sounds to good to be true it usually is. 
Wadia modification
Hi, Steve at GNS is wonderful to work with. If he tells you something you can count on it. He recently modified an ARC SP9 MKIII for me and the results were spectacular. You can count on good results. Richard 
Need help with LP cartridge choice.
Did you play your record on his TT? You need to isolate what the problem is. 
dedicated ground
Thanks Kevin, I am not an electrician and quite frankly I find myself confused. My next step will be to consult with my electrician. Hopefully he will understand exactly what to do. Would it be ok to E-mail you direct if there is a question by the... 
dedicated ground
Cornfedboy, In searching the archives under "ground or grounding" there are a total of 11 posts none of which answer the specific question I have asked. Perhaps there is another topic I should search. Do you know of a topic?? 
Hospital Grade Wall Outlets
I'm in the process of running two dedicated circuits. One for the amp and one for the front end. Is it recommended to only ground the preamp and run the rest of the equiptment ungrounded and ground to the preamp. I am going to run an isolated grou... 
Rega P3 Mod or Upgrade?
Hello, I have an ol RB250 and cannot say anything but good. Mark at Origin Live states that the RB250 is the best of the Rega arms to modify.If you have questions regarding this e-mail or call Mark and he will give you all the info. Also his websi... 
Tube Amps with Vandersteen 2Ci's ???
Sorry, should have been I have not decided on speaker cables yet. 
Tube Amps with Vandersteen 2Ci's ???
I'm in the the process of buying a pair of 2c's right now. I'm using a Music Reference MKII and a SP9 MKIII modified by Steve Huntley at Great Northern Sound. I'm told this combo should work very well. I have not decided on speakers yet and I am o... 
Great Northern Sound Co. Mods for Wadia
Hello, Steve at Great Northern sound has done a couple of mods for me (extensive) and you can trust what he says he can do for you. I believe he worked for Wadia at one time. Good Luck 
Mapleshade speaker cables?
Is there a website for Mapleshade? Where can you purchase Mapleshade cables? Thanks 
Know Origin Live arms and TT kits?
Hi, I have an OL RB250. For the $$$ I don't think you can beat it. Mark at OL was a pleasure to work with. I mounted mine on a Michell Gyro SE. I received the arm before the tt and that is with ordering at the same time. Can't say enough good abou... 
Tubes & Audio Research Corp.
I second the info on the California guy, he told me that he wouldn't sell 8802's (Mullard gold pins) unless I was a previous customer of equiptment. I ask him if Mullard made 7308's and his answer was"sort of". When I ask him to elaborate he said ... 
Hospital Grade Wall Outlets
These receps come with an isolated ground. I suggest for best results that you use an isolated ground wire coming from a ground rod like the phone companies use. The ground coming from the main box is common to all the circuits in the box. A dedic...