Best 2-CH AMP at $2500

What is the best overall 2 channel amp out there, at the $2500 price point. I don't understand toobs, so limit discussion to solid state. Take into account company reputation, technical support, warranty, etc. Also, my interest lies strictly with the reproduction of music. This amp will NOT be part of a home theatre system.
Thanks and Merry Christmas.
Bryston 4BSST. 20 year no questions asked warranty. Bulletproof. Plenty of power to drive most anything (300 w/ch). Used in more studios to actually produce and master the music and movies we all listen to than any other amp on the planet. World class bass, tremendous clarity and extension without being hard. Class A rated with zero bad reviews...ever. Just won a shootout vs. Atmasphere MA-60 OTL tube amp (no lie!) Runs a bit over $2500, but not much. One of the few amps you could literally own for 50 years. Few are truly "better".

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I'm not sure if you are looking for new or used, but a Pass X250 could be had for only a little more if you shop carefully. You would not be disappointed!
How much power do you need? What speakers are you driving?

Name your speakers & the rest of the system. I'm gonna vote Pass X or Aleph..........
How about SMc modified McCormack DNA 1? Or 0.5 if you can get by on 100 wpc? You could go pretty high up the ladder after paying $800 or so for a DNA-1 and Steve McCormack's service and support is world class.

Occasionally, a Plinius SA-102 will appear for about that price. I love mine.
I second the Plinius nomination.
Check out Classe!

Merry Christmas!
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In the name of full disclosure, I now have to note that since posting on XMAS eve, I found the amp I have been thirsting to try (Berning ZH270) and so I put my DNAs up for sale. FWIW, it would also be hard to go wrong with the recommended Classe', Bryston, and Plinius, IMO. Classe' and Bryston have great reps for customer service, as does SMc Audio.
Thanks for all your responses. I am leaning toward the Bryston...
Tell us what you think of the berning? I have considered one of these also.
I will be receiving it middle of next week and will post something after I've had it a while.
I picked one up in Vancouver for 2k US
I auditioned many amps just prior to the purchase, the classe' and plinius are pushed hard in seattle. Over the years, I've come to appreciate an amp's ability to control speakers and the only other place I would look is ARC. I'm thrilled with my 4bsst, it actually made my wife a believer too!
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