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Kharma Midi Ceremique or Wilson Maxx2
Jtinn ... you mentioned you were a Kharma dealer ... are you a Von Shweikert dealer as well? 
New York, New York - Audio Stores?????
Cannot forget Rhapsody Music and Cinema on 24th street between 5th and 6th ... Bob is a GREAT person to talk to and work with.www.rhapsodynyc.com 
Large sweetspot
Vandersteen 3a Signatures with a Vandy Sub ... 
Upgrade my Theta or move on?
Might also consider another world class DAC ... Audio Logic 24MXL ... $4K I think 
How to add to my 2-chanl int. amp for home theater
You have to use pre-amp outs from the surround processor, as that is where volume control must lie. If not, while listening to surround material, you will be separately controlling L/R volume on your integrated amp, and the remaining volumes (cent... 
Vandersteen 5 vs Green Mountain Continuum 3?
The Vandersteens can be what you want them to be. You want open and airy - you got it. You want deep and authoritative - you got it. I think that with all the control there is for the low end on these speakers, most set them up with too much bass.... 
Dodson MkII D....Can't be THAT good....right ?
I have the same transport and find the Audio Logic 24MXL a perfect match. I have A-B'd the DAC against many of the top units and it is amazing! Have not heard it against the Dodson though. 
calling all vandy 5a owners
Marakanetz ... you have missed the point. The thing is there is no "getting used to it" with the Vandersteen 5a's ... anyone can make them sound dark, bright or right in their room. Other speakers may require 2,000 hours to get used to it, but not... 
calling all vandy 5a owners
I own 5's ... be patient ... right now, without tuning, they are just like any other speaker, dependent on the room. The tuning will change that.Remember, your job right now is to try to find the right placement in the room without the subs operat... 
Martin Logan Owners...Why should I?
Not sure where you are located but there is a dealer I am aware of in the NY area that does handle both ... Audio Classics in Vestal, NY. 
Lovan Sovereign racks, thoughts?
I use the Sovereign racks ... I have filled the posts with #9 shot ... I think they are great. I bought an "amp stand" and used that as the lowest shelf in the rack so that the bottom shelf was 4" instead of 8" off the floor. 
CEC CD player
I have had a CEC-TL1X for 2.5 years ... love it, and no service problems at all. 
Best CD Player for Classical Music?
Budrew ... I know for me that when I started to attend live classical performances - or POP performances for that matter - I came to the same conclusion as you - real music was soooo much sweeter than our stereos present it to us.On top of that, w... 
85/15 Music/movies, Best HT Processor for Music??
If you do listen to 85% music, you may want to consider a separate 2 channel pre-amp that has an analog pass-thru for your home theater front L/R channels. That is what I do and it works great for me ... Good Listening! 
Purist Dominus vs Audioquest Everest?
I have not heard them side-by-side, but I have heard them both, and I would think they sound quite different from one another ... almost opposite ends of the scale I think.