BAT VK 300 SE Vs. CJ CA200 For Dyn Contour S3.4


Any experience with either BAT VK 300 SE or Conrad Johnson CA200 driving Dynaudio Contour S3.4 ?

Have heard the BAT with the Dyns and they seem to be a fine match. Will not get a chance to hear the CJ as it is discontinued.

Ive heard BAT Tube gear into the Saphires and the C1s,wasnt really that impressed.I suggest Pass Labs
I tried the Pass Labs Int-150 and found that it was too neutral.

Any other views appreciated.
CJ SS gear just isn't that valuable long term.

I would try the BAT if the Pass didn't work for you. I had the BAT on C1s.
Hi Keithr

Thanks for the reply. Taking out resale value considerations, what sort of sound would I get from the CJ vs. the BAT. Would the BAT be warmer having tubes and the CJ have more slam being higher powered and being solid state while having the CJ sound or is it a leaner CJ sound now?