B&W 805D stands? Experience?

I own the B&W 805D's and currently have them placed on Target Steel Four post stands which are filled with oven dried sand. Four pieces of Blutack is used on each speaker to couple it to the top of the metal stand. I would really like to hear from owners that either have the specified matching B&W stand with them, or that had or tried other stands and moved up to the matching stands. I only purchased the Target stands to save money at time of purchase, as my dealer sold me the Targets at his cost of $203 ($300 retail). I wasn't prepared to spend an additional $700 at the time I purchased my 805D's for the proprietary stands. Please tell me the differences you have heard, if any, between other metal stands and the matching 805D stands. My wife thinks the B&W stands look like "duck feet" but if they are truely worthy of the cost, I will make the change. Please also specify if you have them filled with sand or lead shot also. Any feedback is appreciated.
I noticed a huge difference in the bass between the cheapo Target and the B&W stands. The original stands also allow you to attach the speakers to each plate which makes the difference IMHO. I filled mine with sand. I highly recommend the OEM stands.
I have a pair of older 805s on some Atacama stands that are very good and handsome to my eye but I am not sure they are still available. I think I put Atabits in them; this is steel rather than lead shot but similar. I have used Blutak but usually use something to isolate the speaker from the stand rather than bond it to it. I am getting ready to set up my Spendor S 100s again and will use some SR MIGs under the speakers. The interface between the stand and speaker makes a considerable difference but opinions and tastes differ on what is best. Target stands are good for the money [I have some and use to be a dealer] , Atacama, Skylan and Sound Anchors [have them also] are better but cost more. Skylan would be cheaper than B&Ws stands and are quite good; mine are filled with cat litter. I have lead shot in my SAs; again all fillings make a difference and little agreement as to which is better. I have used sand also.
Anyone tried the rubberized nubs that B&W provide with the new 805d's to couple them to a stand? As stated above, I am currently using Blutack, but have not tried the provided "nubs". Maybe they would be a good option to try before I try a different stand... Sounds lazy I know, as I already have them, but will need to dig out my original boxes from the storage closet to access them, which is a lot more effort and time than one would think...
I am also wondering if I move the speaker further forward (maybe 1-2") on my existing stands to be more comparable in support to the way the B&W stands are built with the pillar to the rear. Not sure if they built them that way for pure aesthetics or for best sound...
Try what you have first; it is cheaper.
The new PM1's are going to make the 805's obsolete I'm afraid...the stands are out of this world gorgeous as well and they bolt to the speakers. I bought them over the 805's. The Absolute Sound has indicated that they are something special and will be reviewing them shortly. FYI
go with a VTI stand and fill it with stand, best bang for buck

Thank you all for the feedback. I've removed the Blutack and replaced it with the supplied B&W rubber nubs. I also moved the speakers back on the stands about 2.5" so the center of the speaker is more centered on the stand. Surprisingly, it makes quite a difference. The low end is less pronounced and better integrated. The sound is also more "elastic" with better overall bounce and rhythm. I think the Blutack was slowing down the sound a bit and slightly exaggerating the low end. I should have put in the effort and tried this right away.
Hi Dave_b,


I auditioned them prior to buying the 805D's and also found them to be a wonderful speaker. Though I think they will generally excel in smaller listening spaces and will need fairly high power/current amplification upstream for them to sound their best (really no different than many other speakers of course). I use tube amplification (130 watts) and found the 88db sensitivity of the 805D's to be a much better match for my system as opposed to the lower sensitivity rating of 84db with the PM1. The 805D to my ear offers a warmer/fuller overall sound and goes a little deeper in the bass region which I think is simply a function of the larger volume of the 805D's cabinet and larger driver set up. Congrats on the new speaker purchase. They are beautifully finished speakers! Did you get the mocha or the newer maroon color?
Mocha and I do use high powered solid state amplification with the PM1's. Enjoy!
Hi Dave_b,
Just out of curiosity, are you running a subwoofer system with the PM1's?
If so, which one and have you had good luck with seemless integration? I previously owned a pair of 805S' and really loved them, but also owned a PV1 sub and had a tough time really getting it to disappear in my room. I see that B&W has a new version of the PV1 coming out in March which I think will retail for around $1,900 that will include the DSP system also featured on the DB1 sub ($4,500). No real point here, just making conversation with a fellow B&W fan. I would like to get another sub if I can find one that will really integrate well in my room. I really like the increase in spacial cues and ambiance of a venue that a good sub can add, but dont want to hear it working...
Sorry I overlooked your post...I have a new PV1D on order and I will let you know how that works out:O)
FYI, all B&W speakers have a matching preset on the new PV1D for ideal integration...of course you can fine tune it as well:O) 7.5Hz...WOW!
Hi Dave_b,
Please do. I am very interested in hearing about your experience with the PV1D. What is the US retail price for it? I was surprised to see that the power rating has decreased from 500 watts to 400 watts, but is supposed to be a higher quality amplifier. I am glad to see that they made the new version with a matte finish, it looks great on the website photos.
MSRP is $1700 and the amp is Class D now instead of ICE. Should have it next week!
Hi Dave_b,
Just read the Absolute Sounds new PM1 review today.
Not too shabby indeed... Sweet little speaker.
Do you have the new PV1D in hand yet?
Yes I have it setup....sweet and so flexible:O) Absolutely clean, tight, defined and deep sounding with ZERO box colorations. Seemless blending with the digital controls. Just what the Audio Doctor ordered:O)
Sorry, I thought I responded to you already Bavarian05. It is up and running and so sweet and easy to dial in with the new DB1 controls...seemless and non-boxy:O)
I had the 805N's on heavy Japanese stands made for them by TOAC until I found some original B&W stands. They sounded very good with the TOACs, and I liked the way the TOACs looked, with two legs each instead of one, much better, but the original stands with spikes under the speakers made a truly worthwhile sonic improvement, IMHO.
Do you like your 805Ds? Are they nice and transparent and disappear? Thanks. the what-hi review said they were more about energy than refinement and that they needed to be played at high volumes for the best sound.
Hi Rgs92,
I'm very pleased with the 805D's in my current system. They are very resolving, yet they do tend slightly to the relaxed side of the spectrum. For me and the majority of music I favor, this is a positive trait. I would encourage that they be paired with electronics that offer a fair amount of power, are dynamic and highly resolving. (I have used them with a solid state Bryston 4BSST2 amp and am currently running a tube ARC Reference 110). This will very much help with getting the best out of this speaker and create a balanced overall sound. Just for reference, my tastes tend toward jazz, classical and pop. If you primarily listen to house or heavier rock music, it may not be the most suitable choice.
Thank you. Sounds good. Relaxed is good as long as we're not in Harbeth territory (just not enough resolution and character for me as a former owner).