B&W 705 S2 or Elac Adante S-61

Hello all!

Has anyone auditioned either of these speakers? They are both $2500 a pair. It's nearly impossible to hear anything before you buy it anymore. I like a smooth silky sound with nice high frequency extension and upper mids that are not strident or harsh. I would be using dual subs with either one. I listen to music like Steely Dan, classical, jazz like Lee Ritenour. I don't listen real loud. I'm have Revel F208s now. Thanks in advance.


Although I do not own the new 70x line of B&W, I have owned the CM line before -- CM5 (bought and returned within 30 days) and CM10 s2. When the 7 series replaced the CM line, I went to the local Magnolia design center to listen. My impressions ...

The CM line was a bit too sparkly in the upper frequencies. I always felt they were not as balanced as some of the other speakers in the same price bracket. I was never really able to get around that problem. Listening to the new 7 series (705), I felt that the same issues persist. While they sound pretty amazing in the shop, they do cause a bit of listener fatigue when listening extensively. 

I have not personally listened to the Elacs yet but have read good things about them -- specifically, that they are very balanced top to bottom.

I've also listened to Revels at a friend's house, but can't remember the exact model name. IMO, the Revels have a better house sound than B&Ws. 
I’d absolutely go with the ELAC.  Have spent a lot of time recently with the stand mounts.  Really outstanding.  

Have little to no experience with the floor standers yet.
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@contuzzi -- I have been reading about the Elac Argo B51 active speakers. I was planning to buy a second pair of the KEF LS50 wireless for my smaller study but these have me intrigued.


Problem is that there is no release date yet. If anyone has more information about them please let me know.
I purchased these speakers 2 weeks ago. I was planning on purchasing B&W 705 s2. I auditioned the 705 as well and concluded that I could not deal with the extended frequencies. I have owned B&W speakers and I can only say that the ELAC AS61 is a far surperior speaker in sound reproduction, fit and finish than the 705. If you haven't heard the AS61 yet I recommend an audition if you can, if not and you want to purchase as I did, you will be impressed as I am. Excellent balance of frequencies with a sweet bottom end. I tend to get listener fatigue after several hours of critical listening, I have yet to experience this with these speakers. The AS61 is the speaker to beat at this price point. Caution these speakers are very large for a stand mound and weigh close to 35 pounds each. Sturdy stands recommended or purchase the stands designed from ELAC for these speakers.