Hello All from Singapore.

This is my first post on this forum though I have read a lot of posts but I decided to become a member because I am on my way to start my Tube journey and I believe this forum is the bible for tubes!

My setup is as follows

Speakers - Elac Adante AF61 (87dB/6 ohm)

SS Amplifier - Peachtree Nova 300 Integrated with Phono

TT - Rega Planar 3 with Elys 2 cartridge (Using the built in Phono)

Music Server - Elac Discovery with Tidal.

Speaker Cables - Tellirium Q Black 2

Power Cable – Shunyata Venom HC V2

Power Conditioner – AQ Niagra 1000

Music Taste – Hard Rock, Slow Rock, Acoustic Rock, Indie, Country, Smooth Jazz (Night Time) and Electronic ( House Party)

I started my journey with the Andrew Jones designed 99 dollar Pioneer speakers and found my way to the Elac UniFi UB5 before settling for the Adantes. At least in Singapore, I find the price to performance ratio to be excellent for the Elac range of products. I really enjoy the Elac Adante with the Peachtree Nova 300 but I have been toying with the idea to bring in a warmer Amp to sweeten the sound a bit. I got an Ifi tube buffer and that was the first time the idea of tubes struck me but I was always told that for solid state gear is what gives you the dynamics and the details and I was getting all that from my system. However the idea of Tubes were always in my mind. However time went by and I was ready(saved enough money) to upgrade my amp to chase the ultimate sound. I was evaluating the Luxman Class A and AB flagship integrateds. My mind said Class A was not going to drive my speakers so the 509LX was kind of the ones I had my eyes on. From reviews and forum talk and dealer information, I was sure that the Luxman 509 would give the sufficient sweetness to my speakers which will give me the sound that I was chasing. I had also auditioned the Mcintosh MA52 with the Elac Adantes. I honestly had a lot of expectations from that pairing but it let me down. The MA252 hybrid just could not tame my bass and it was all over the place.

I then started reading about tube amps and I felt that instead of buying another solid state, why don’t I keep the peachtree as my SS driver and then look for a tube driver. I can divide duties between them. I also use my speakers as fronts for my tv so the peachtree can handle that and when I want to just listen to music, I can fire up the tubes. Line Magnetic is a well known brand in Singapore and I have dealt with the dealer before as he also deals with Mytek and I have had the Mytek Brooklyn in the past.

805IA vs 150IA

I have read every article about these amps in forums and reviews alike and I have narrowed down my choice to these two. 805IA seems to be a very popular choice and 150IA seems to be a powerful beast. Since both cost the same, cost is not a deciding factor. I have an audition in a few days but I cannot take my Adante to the dealer nor can the dealer bring the amps to my house due to the weight! So I am going to take my Elac UniFi UB5 85db@4 ohms )book shelves to audition because I feel that they are the starting point of development for the Adantes.

I have written to a few LM dealers across the world and they have been super helpful but the opinion has been mixed. Some suggest the 150iA as it will be a better match for my speakers and future speakers since they can drive almost anything. Some was eloquent about the 805ia and that it is just magical and has enough power for my speakers. My dealer also has the ATC SM40 and he says that the 805 can easily drive them to decent sound levels without losing out on bass control.

What do you think?

Can current owners or tube gurus suggest based on my above description which amp would be a better match? I sit at about 9 feet from my speakers and I will not listen to them above 80 db loudness. My room size is a rectangular open plan about 16x12 will be the listening area. Do I need the 100 watts? Or will the SET amp do the job?

Thank you so much.

I have owned both amps and going by sound i much prefer the 805IA, it also has enough power for your speakers in your room.
Thank You @rh67! 

Can you please care to explain what would be the main differences between the two amps. Where do you see the 150ia being the better option? Would it only be for playing louder? 

My main concern with the 805 was not necessarily the loudness but if it would be able to control the bass with authority in my speakers.

If 805ia can do bass control and play till 80 db loudness in my room then I am inclined to it because I am keen to get the SET sound. 

Also with regards to the heat, how big of an issue is it? Can I keep it near my TV? The TV would be switched off when the AMP is on though. My TV is wall mounted and the AMP would be on the rack below it. 

I have a 7 month old baby who will start to walk soon. I plan to keep the grill on at all times for safety sake. Is the grill sturdy and will it still be hot assuming the amp is ON. Hot enough to burn a finger? 

Sorry for the dumb questions. Its the first time I am getting into this hole! 
Either amp needs to be away from your child. Those 805 tubes get very hot and will burn you or anyone else. The tube cage is not that sturdy and i would not rely on it. What ever amp you buy it needs to be completely out of a child`s reach, worry about your child over anything else. Big tube amps will put out a lot of heat.

Proper SET amps can be magical and the 805IA does not have an issue with controlling bass.

Another option would be a Pass Labs amp, i sold my 805IA and bought a XA25 and i could not be happier, it has that SET 3D imaging and slightly better tone and detail. With your speakers the 30.8 could be a better option as it has more power. These are pure class A and run hot but you will not burn yourself just by touching them.
Thank you so much. Someone suggested that I look at at EL34 based amps as they do not heat up as much. I know it will not be as cool as a Pass labs but would it be considerably less hot than the 805 or 150i amps? 

The pass labs unfortunately are very expensive in Singapore and it is out of my budget.