Automatic Man?????

Hello all, Was wondering if anybody has ever heard of a band from the 70's called "Automatic Man". Was a really great sounding LP. The album was self-titled. If anyone knows where I can purchase this recording on CD, would you please let me know... Thank You...
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it's on
Wow, that was fast and quick and painless.
Oh yeah, I remember Automatic Man (moves just like a computer!)

Check - two re-mastered import CDs available for approx. $11.00 ea. + shipping.

bd, thanks alot for the info... on order...
I put the album on CDR years before it was available on CD and it sounds great.
OK here goes...........Automatic Man was a band with Pat Thrall , Jerome Rimson , Bayette Todd Cochrane and I forget the drummer. They did two albums. I refer to them as the blue one and the pink one. They look the same otherwise. The blue one was first. They have a couple of good tunes and some pop crap. It's fusion on the rock/funk side.
Pat Thrall later did work on Stomu Yamashtas "Go ,Live in Paris" as did Rimson. You must hear his solo and Steve Winwoods vocal on "Crossing the Line" from that album. By far Thralls nicest recorded solo. Thrall also did a stint with Pat Travers. As an audiophile you must hear Pat Thralls engineering on Mino Cinelu S/T on the Blue Thumb label. One of the three best recordings I have ever heard. Mino has played with everyone from Gong to Miles to Sting and others.
You must get that album. Its out of print just wait for one on fleabay. This was recorded at Studio PT (PT=Pat Thrall duh!) They used to have a website.
Todd Cochrane was also on Julian Preisters ECM release "Love Love" which was finally put on CD last year.