Automatic Tables

I haven't used one in years and have 2 great tables but brain surgrey has destroyed my coordination. Which would you recommend? I use to be a dealer but all the ones I was familiar with are gone. I know I will be taking a hell of a drop from my Linn and Basis but better one you can use then ones you can't.

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Surprisingly several yrs back, I went to an audio show where one room featured great SET tube amps with expensive single driver speakers and very mediocre sources.  I'm talking a sony close n play TT and a 1st gen. Technics cd player and it sounded incredible.

Having said that, I got rid of my Rega Planar 3 a few years ago and went with a fully automatic TT and it sounded great.  It was an old Kenwood with the corian type plinth.  There are a lot of very nice fully automatic tables from the 70's that I wouldn't hesitate to buy.  I'm now just too lazy to get up every 20 minutes with a fully manual TT and like it when it plays on continuously.

Thorens TD 145 has Auto-Lift. This is essentially a TD160, but with the vertical auto-lift. So while not fully Automatic, the table has quite a following.
Bang & olefsen 6000 or 8000 with mmc 20 cl cartridge. These are inherently resonant,  a quality isolation device is reccomended. 
Denon 47F is the way to go.  I presently have two. but have purchased over ten in the past thirty years.  With the Denon 106 cartridge you have great sound and great convenience. Over the years I have given this TT to my kids as a way to get them interested in vinyl.  The 47F's are kid proof, all ages.  They show up on eBay all the time, but you need to only buy if the seller has all the original packing material and boxes.  Best to do a pick up if possible.
I'd recommend Pioneer Pl-L1000. If found in great condition with all features working, it's a dream sound compatible with decks upto $4000 worth today.
I had this one many moons ago and it has auto lift! It was very nice!
Hi stan,

Sorry to learn of your issues but glad for the recoveries you have made.

We are of a similar age so my suggestions should be familiar to you.  The choice could come down to the cartridge you'd prefer to use.  I'm listing only fully automatic options since I assume cueing may be as important as lift off.

Technics SL-7 or 10 - surprising quality in a compact table with linear tracking, but limited to only plug in cartridges of a limited weight range.  

Later Dual models, such as 1219 and 1229 rim drive or 700 series DD.  Once basic relube is performed they seem to go on and on, and with very good performance with the right cartridge choice (low mass arms).

Other pivoted arm Technic or Kenwood (resin plinth) models may be good options but I don't have any experience with those.

stan, additional references -

I believe the Technics SL-1300s and 1600s series were fully automatic tables.  They will be compatible with a wider range of cartridges than the SL-7 or 10 or the Duals.  And I suspect they may accept some of the upgrades developed for the well-known SL-1200 series.

There were obviously many older Japanese tables from the '70s and '80s which were fully automatic but I expect many were too light weight to offer decent performance.
A few years ago I had a Technics SL-1300, nice machine, it's really worth a look.  It handled my AT-150 and a Denon DL-160 cartridges nicely.  Also look at the Technics SL-10.  I have two TT's in my system and the SL-10 gets most of the work. Playing LP's is like using a cassette player, power on, press two buttons to open, place the recording, close cover and push play. It uses P-Mount cartridges which are easy to change out and require no special tools. If you can find a Technics EPS 310MC cartridge, which was designed for the SL-10, the combination is something special. Good Luck.