Audioquest Niagara vs PS Audio

I was hoping to hear some opinions on power conditioners based on experiences anyone may have had with Audioquest Niagara 1000 or 7000, or others for that matter. I presently run a PS Audio Dectet power center for my system. My system:

Musical Fidelity M6PRX Amp
Audio Research LS27 Pre
BAT VK-P10SE/SP Phono Pre
Rega Saturn CD
Music Hall MMF9.1 Turntable
Denon 103R with Paradox Pulse aluminum body
B&W 803S Speakers
Cardas Power Cords
Zu Bok Power Cords
Kimber KCAG XLR interconnects
REL R528 Sub

I was using the system with the M6PRX and REL connected to the high current outlets on the Dectet and everything sounds very good. The LS27 is just over 200 hours and now everything is sounding nice.

Long story short, I was at my local AR dealer and he loaned me a Audioquest Niagara 1000 for demo. Audioquest claims that a long burn in is not necessary so I did so for only 48 hours. After this I did some A/B comparisons and I was surprised at my findings. I really like Audioquest stuff and I was thinking that this should be a nice upgrade over the Dectet.

I played Rebecca Pidgeon Spanish Harlem off my Chesky Demonstration CD on the Rega Saturn and the slight edge went to the Dectet. Images were better focused and the overall sound was less grainy. This was a close call and I was expecting to like the Audioquest better... Next was the vinyl test. I played some new and older stuff. Edward Sharp- Hot Coals, Steely Dan- I Got The News, Beatles- What goes on. It was on vinyl that the differences were easier to hear. Again, the PS Audio Dectet sounded better to my ears. Better, more stable sound stage out of a cleaner and blacker background. Cymbals had a clearer shimmer lacking through the Niagara 1000, Midrange was less grainy, Bass was cleaner but the overall dynamics were where I really felt that the PS Audio Dectet had the clear advantage.

I went into this thinking that I would be buying the Niagara 1000 and that the A/B test was a formality but I guess I learned better. I was thinking that a power center may be the place to throw some money in an effort to elevate my system but now I am not sure. Opinions? Should I stand pat or try Richard Gray or Shunyata?

I can tell you that for the money the Dectet is the real deal.

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While I have not heard the 1000, I use the Niagara 7000 in our listening room (I’m a dealer) and have found it to be an incredible upgrade in every aspect of performance. I also noticed Michael Fremer who has the Shunyata units, in his latest amp review mentions using the Niagara 7000 as well.

I can say it revealed low level details formally hidden by the acoustic revive unit which was better than other active units I have had in house . The 7000 increased micro and macro dynamics and allowed musical peaks from the bhk 300 monoblocks to really leap out. The 7000 stores and can provide up to 90 amps of current momentarily.

Anyone in in the nyc area who wants to hear it in action, we’re triodepicturesound.

perhaps somone who heard one of the Garth Powell demos can comment.  I understand he has shown up with several of the top conditioners on the market and compared them all to the 7000 and the consensus was it beat them all.  
Only one problem with the Niagara 7000.... the price. It's not a "7000" for no reason :) Otherwise I would love to own one. Even the Niagara 1000, at $1000 is no bargain.

Personally, I took a much more modest approach to power conditioning, and for me this has worked out very well.

Dedicated (separate breaker) 20 AMP wall outlet >>> Emotiva CMX-2 >>> Panamax MR4300 >>> all equipment 

Very happy with results. Essentially no noise floor and ability to draw high amperage.  The Emotiva offers a DC filter which is somewhat unique as that functionality is not so easy to come by. The Panamax offers some degree of surge protection, over and under voltage protection, voltage level monitor, switched outlets. Both offer noise/rfi/emi filter. Combine cost of $349 is hard to beat.


if the Audioquest is out of your financial reach, the Shunyata & Richard Gray are excellent to outstanding. I have used a Richard Gray 400 Pro for over 01 years now- never an issue.

The Shunyata V-Ray is the one to own. Even the 1st version is still outstanding. Keep us posted on your buying decision.

 I just upgraded from a Furman Elite 15 PFI to a  Shunyata Triton. The difference is huge!  The Shunyata seems to focus the sound of my system more closely. The soundstage is bigger and each instrument is  more clearly defined. I have not heard the earlier  Shunyata Hydras so I cannot comment on them. 
I have owned (still own not in use) PSaudio P10, a great unit. I have done a direct comparison to the High Fidelity MC 6 Hemisphere about half the price of the P10. Once broken in (long break in) the Hemisphere beat it across the board The only draw back to the MC6 Hemisphere is no spike or surge protection. I have tried them both together and separate. the Hemisphere is just much better sounding once broken in 600 plus hours.
Enjoy Pete

I also own the P10 power plant and am very happy with it. When I owned the Musical Fidelity M6PRX  I found that it did not need power conditioning at least I couldn't hear a difference. The other components should benefit from conditioning. I also found the M6PRX also benefits greatly using balanced cables.