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Years ago I read an article about Malcolm Forbes where he talked about his extensive motorcycle collection and how he had two full time staff people to perform maintenance and upkeep on the bikes. In addition to salary the staff people could ride any of his bikes and frequently accompanied him on motorcycle tours. Not a bad gig if you're into motorcycles.

I'm wondering if anybody on Audiogon has a dedicated audiophile equivalent of Forbes' assistants, someone to perform the tedious tasks required by this hobby? Cleaning sockets, biasing tubes, tightening driver bolts, schlepping around large amps, supervising the delivery of half ton loudspeakers, keeping track of available mods and updates, etc.

Personally, I have a dog that wags its tail when I go towards the equipment rack, but I'm just wondering about other people's lifestyles. Happy Holidays!
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Harry Pearson.
I read about a Japanese audiophile whose name I can't remember in Stereophile many years ago. He kept his audio collection in a dedicated 5 story building with many different systems on the various floors, and much of one floor devoted to LP storage.

He had people to maintain the systems and the media...Most over the top thing I have ever seen!
Ghostrider45, I remember those pics well!
It truly was a blending of ALL things audio from the Golden Age forward. It was indeed a five story temperature controlled building!

I may be getting my Asian audiophiles confused, but I think the audiophile you refer to was Vietnamese. Yes, over the top, but the cool thing was that he allowed anyone in his town to come over for listening parties.
Have my cleaning lady do it all!!
I have a British gentleman who warms up my system precisely 1 hour
before I arrive home. When I walk in the door, he inquires about my mood
and hands me my favorite beverage. Once I arrive at my listening chair
(which he has pre-heated), I say "Hit it, Jeeves," and the music
begins at exactly the correct volume.

In the morning, Jeeves has forwarded all relevant audio reviews and blogs
to my Ipad. Once a week he thoroughly cleans all system connections with
Kontak and performs a thorough demagnetization and calibration of
relevant components.

I dare say, I'd be lost without the chap.
Vhiner- Yes but does he iron your rice paper inner sleeves before he inserts a meticulously cleaned LP?
Perhaps a fine French Maid and a feather duster with heels high and amplifiers low....

Of course! Doesn't yours?
Perhaps a fine French Maid and a feather duster with heels high and amplifiers low....
and skirt short...
There is a bit of humor in my question, but I'm also somewhat serious about it. If you were one of the 1% with multiple homes across continents, varied business and social interests, more than one ex-spouse and a large brood of offspring, I just can't imagine you'd really have time to put together, maintain or upgrade multiple high end systems. Do you think the Larry Page has the time to audition and evaluate power cords?

You land at the airport in your Gulfstream, helicopter to the compound and you're looking for a few hours of relaxation before you have to leave to host a group of ex-Presidents for your football team's game at the new stadium. You can adjust the VTA/SRA for yourself, but at the very least someone on your staff should have checked the bias on the output tubes.
I'm afraid I've never had to think about such problems...

The first poster does have it right, judging from his articles now and from the past Harry Pearson has always had someone to help him with setting up and maintaining his systems.
If one does not have time to fiddle with the system, do you imagine that they take the time to frequent audiogon?
Ghostrider, As I remember the guy was Chinese and had examples of all the best turntables, all kept running all the time. I think he had more than 1 person maintaining the system.

I can't see the point, but I suppose if you have oodles of bling, it has to be maintained by someone.