Ooh. That looks promising. 
This looks like it will really be something! I would go for the Stereo version, as there are some inter-channel psychedelic effects (very big at the time of the album's release) you will want to be able to hear. Great on headphones!
Just like the Beatles mono presses, I didn’t "need" them, but really MUST HAVE this!

I guess I can reason, I don't have a British press?
The French Barclay box from the ’70s contains a mono mix of AYE, along with Axis and Electric Ladyland (the latter two in stereo). According to a number of people who have compared these copies to the original UK Track, the early Barclay copy of AYE sounds better. It also isn’t terribly expensive, or at least it wasn’t 5 or so years ago when I bought my box. So that gives you a good alternative- not as collectible, but.....
Of course, the UK track listing is different than the US one. So, you really need copies from both sides of the Atlantic. 
Go for it! tablejockey
Happy Listening!
This just in-
Are You Experienced? is coming to SACD in 2018 via Acoustic Sounds.
Let us hope this event stays on task. I have been wanting JH on SACD for years.
Happy Listening!
jafant-I bet more than a few a chomping at the bit on this one.

I haven't hit the "buy now"  button ....yet. I may use the excuse-Merry Xmas to me, for the mono record.

Go for It! tablejockey

Merry Christmas!

The go to CD for any Hendrix recording, well, the first four for sure, is the Hendrix family reissue by Eddie Kramer from the nineties, recognizable by the EXPERIENCE HENDRIX logo.
Thanks for this tablejockey and jafant.