Heard or experienced Audio Research D300 SS Amp

I presently own a Classe Audio Model Ten 125wpc power amp. This has been in my system for the past 12 years. I have an opportunity to buy a used Audio Research D300 160wpc solid state power amp. I know nothing of this particular amp, but I do know of Audio Research tube amps and the product lines quality.

My questions are, given that this amp went for around 3500 in 1995, what would one think it is worth now. Looks wise, I would rate it an 8/10.

Is this another dry and lifeless sounding solid state amp? Although I love my Classe amp, I feel it could provide a tiny bit more detail and better control of the speakers. Will I get that with the Audio Research? Could a few of you enlighten me?

Classe Ten 125 wpc amp
Audible Illusions Modulus 3 preamp
Vandersteen 2CE speakers
VPI/Rega/Grado analog Turntable
Marantz SA8001 sacd player
Jolida JD-100 tube cd player
Magnum Dynalab FT-101A tuner
MIT Terminator2 interconnects
MIT Terminator2 speaker cable(double runs for bi wiring)
Various Shunyata power cprds
Shunyata Guardian 2 and 4 power conditioners
numerous cones and tweaks

I am a huge believer in synergy. I think the only way you are going to know if that fits into your system is by trying it yourself. Looking down your list of equipment I see various names that I am using. I am running ARC LS26 with MIT, Esoteric, Virtual DynamicsÂ…. and things sound really good. My rationale there is a direct relationship between speakers and ALL other equipment and that is why I personally elected to mate the Proac speakers with ARC gear. The VS115 is the only piece left for me to purchase. Current I am using the Proceed AMP5. which does sound good BTW.

The Proac speakers sound great with the Proceed gear I have, but the combination of Proac and ARC is really something special. And perhaps this is not for everyone, but I LIKE IT. I really think you need to do the direct comparison and listen for yourself. You have great gear as it stands right now and perhaps it can get a little or a lot better. Good luck and do the comparison if you can.
I'm using two D300's in a vertical bi-amp. But even just one has plenty of power. The sound is definitely not dry and lifeless. Slightly warm overall with a with a nice sense of natural body, depth, detail and tonal color. Bass has plenty of power. Takes about an hour of playing to sound it's best. You can get even better performance if you change the fuses to Hi-Fi tuning ( as I did ) or Aceme ( which cost about half as much but just as good ). I also had the captive power cords changed which also improved the sound. The list price was $3995 before being discontinued. I think the D300 would control your Vandersteens nicely. But trying it is the only sure way. If it didn't work out they seem to sell quickly on Audiogon.

I'm using them to drive Alon Circe's modified with an Extreme crossover and new mid driver from Nola which used to be Alon.

I've owned both the D300 and the D400 Mk 2. I would really recommend going with the D400Mk2, this is probably one of ARC's best amps. Much better bass control and transparency. My D300 also ran smoking hot(ran it bridged for a while on a centerchannel with my D400 for left/right) compare to just hot of the D400. The only problem with the D400 is it is a huge amp versus the typical sized D300.

I used both amps with an Audible Illusions L1 preamp so your synergy will work better there. funny I also used MIT 330/750 cables back then too but with Magnepan IIIa's.
Bob, you had asked what a D300 is worth now.
Forgot to mention one of the D300 I bought on Audiogon for $1100 about three years ago. But this was an exceptional deal. They usually go for $1300 - $1500 even today. I think the value is high for the money. I agree that they do run hot and need antiquate ventilation. But I've never had any problems with the two that I own. The more there warmed up the better they sound. Never tried a D400 II.