Are you an Audiophille or a Music Lover No.2 ?

To follow up Onhwy61's other post.
Here's another slant which might be a more probing question.
If from today you had the choice to spent your cash on new music and by that I mean only new music,no reissues,only new original music released from 2002 onwards or the choice of spending your cash on upgrading your kit but keeping your music collection as is,what would you choose?
I think for most Audiogoners that may be a more difficult question-remember you can keep your entire music collection and upgrade to infinity or be stuck with your system as is but be free only to buy new music.
Thank god these scenarios don't happen for real!! I would go nuts... For people with rather small collections, this would be a no brainer, but for people with over a thousand cd's this would be a tough one. I myself would need more music, but I also would like to upgrade the rig too! Man, the devil is a mean guy...
Interesting question. Since I already have a reasonably large collection of music (2500 LP's, and about 1500 CD's), as well as a decent tuner, and there isn't much new music being released that interests me, I'd opt to upgrade my system.

While your question may not have been intended to be a referendum on the state of new music today, I suspect that most older audiophiles and music lovers are less than enthused about a lot of the new music being released.
Assuming that by "new original music released from 2002" you are including new performances/recordings of music composed in the past (eg classical), I would choose the music. Well, in fact, unless something breaks, that's what I've chosen anyway except for discovering new performers and going back and buying some of their older stuff.
I could flip a coin and live with either outcome, but if pressed I would go for new music over future upgrades. I am fortunate in that I already have a high quality system and a reasonably large music collection. I really could go either way.
Assuming my system doesnt break, the music is the way to go. If you never try anything better you can be happy and the system is only an instrement for the music not an end.
I would up-grade my system (and while you were not looking, find more music).
Can I upgrade one more time before we start?
I'll take the music. Imagine saying you can only listen to music that's more than 20 years old today - that's where somebody would get who opted for the system. For some, that wouldn't be a problem. For me, I'd feel like I had partially died.

The other question would have been a lot harder if it had been a sliding scale of some sort - I could easily do with 2000 CDs instead of 10000, but the boombox would necessarily limit my enjoyment to the point that it would diminish how much time and energy I put into it. However, a couple thousand CDs with a modest budget (say $1000-1500) and I could say my enjoyment wouldn't be diminished much at all. -Kirk

I have a helluva satisfying stereo system but only 1000+ CDs, so I would go for the music-- as long as I can replace my pre-amp tubes once in a while. One of the most exciting aspects of this sport to me is finding excitng new music/artists. A good recent example of this for me was "discovering" both Allison Moorer's music and Alison Krauss' music about the same time. And BTW, both of these were recommended to me by other A'Gon members:>) Cheers. Craig
I swear, it feels like the general state of music gets worse all the time. The growing domination of drivel is so pervasive that I would listen to yesterday's music on the best system possible, and regret it less than if I did it the other way around.
Ben: Kind of a twisted study, IMO, as I constantly purchase software, but am not keen on 2002+ and/or most musical releases done after the mid 80's or so. Today alone I purchased fourteen LP's, eight 78's (and an alpaca blanket:-) and this sort of thing happens many times a week/month for me. I have accumulated over 1000 CD's and 600 LP's in approx. a two year period since getting back into this hobby. That said, I recently had to downgrade my system as I have been off work for two years (today's purchases came to $18 @ a local thrift down the street). If I had to concentrate on "new" releases "only" I would definately stop buying music and beef up the system once again. Also in my case the software is cheap and plentiful which is not the case for most of us. What did I get for $18 (other than the blanket:-)? Well, to name a few: Dakota Staton, Les Paul & Mary Ford, Noel Coward & Mary Martin, Maurice Chevalier, Porgy & Bess (Victrola Historic Series recording), Marilyn Horne, Nana Mouskouri (the Brit concert), Tango Argentino (original cast recording), Dinah Washington, Duke Ellington and a double LP of Russian folk music produced and pressed in Russia, plus others.
As with the other thread, I'd go for the music. While my system and collection are both pretty modest, like Craig I get much more satisfaction from discovery of a new artist or piece of music I enjoy, and get more enjoyment when I lose myself in the music and am not thinking about the reproduction. But I second Muzikat's question, which leads us to take 3 ...
This is a nice philosophical discussion but I am glad I don't have to choose between one or the other. It takes both to be a true audiophile like most of us.
A tougher question, definitely. My big problem is what new format will come along and require me to buy something to play it? If you don't count that as an upgrade (and you shouldn't, Lucifer, as otherwise I'm stuck with the same bargain where I can't get the new releases!), I'm happy enough with the sound of my system, and my ears are getting older anyway, so I'd go with the music. But if you'd give me just a couple more days to think about it, I have a few more cables, tubes and tweaks to pick up......
This question is the toughest of the "series". I had to think about it for awhile. Like most others here I buy music weekly, it is mostly used vinyl with a few CDs. My collection is varied and interesting. I really enjoy the hunt for music more, (only a little more) than the hunt for equipment.
After much consideration I'll keep my system, although modest by a lot of standards here, and continue to buy any music I wish.
With five very different systems in the house, i could afford to live with what i have and just be "stuck" with new music. I would probably be better off that way too. I'm currently working on what i can fit into the bathroom for a small system. It's always nice to relax to some good tunes and a warm shower : ) Sean
I must keep my music options open. There's so much music in the world.