If someone looked through you music (records, CDs, etc.) what would surprise them?

This actually was a bit of a happening with a friend.  In looking though my...special pressings, gold Cds, SACDs, and other esoteric "software sources" he was surprised at the Rosie Clooney ones.   In her later life she did some CDs of "standards" and she nailed 'em. 

Hopefully nothing. That would mean they haven't pigeon-holed me into predictability.
A lot.  My tastes are all over the place.
Just the fact that I have so much of it would probably be the first and biggest surprise.  I don't wear headphones around all the time (or any of the time), and I rarely talk about music at all.  I think it would come as a surprise to just about everybody that I listen to music as much as I do.

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Not defining "someone" makes the question tirival. Even if it were I wouldn't know how to get inside of "someone's" head.
Well fuzz, I can see why you would say that. 

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Its possibly more an indictment of them rather than me.
Well fuzz, I can see why you would say that.

>chef's kiss<
Rather than any type of kiss, it is an acknowledgement of the obvious.  

I can also see why most politicians say what they say. 

The total lack of even a single Zappa or Grateful Dead album
(zero presence of either)
Lots of NWOBHM 7”’s 12”’s, LP’s
  did a lot of trading in the early 80’s.
had several trade buddies in Europe, 
ide send some cassettes, records, etc, in return I would get a lot of rare British rock/pre-metal stuff.

 Still have most,still in touch with my friends across the pond.
Considering I listen mostly to Classical:

Michael Jackson
For me my musical taste goes everywhere with the majority of my collection centered around R&B, Rock and country but the lack of not one offering from Frank Sinatra surprised even myself and I need to rectify that. Enjoy the music
That most of my music they wouldn't know the artists or the music. I have lots and lots of what few people have ever heard of.
The amount of cat hair?

What's funny about that is, I bought a record from a guy one time supposed to be "Hot Stamper" quality and that is exactly what surprised me too, the amount of cat hair.
Cats seem to be into analog.  I bought my Gyrodec SE from a guy who was selling it because his cats couldn't leave the platter weights alone.
Wait, I thought cat hair on a special pressing LPs just gave them  more.....ah, you know, texture? 
The last cat I had would sit for very long periods of time trying to "catch" the cursor on my computer monitor...sometimes on the front of the screen and sometimes on the back...  more than once I lost a mouthful of coffee onto the screen from laughing. 

That after 2 hours they are thinking they should have brought a lunch.
The number of cd's makes their heads spin so they can't choose.
In the approx. 1300 classic rock, jazz, blues, etc. lps they'll find a nine pack of Michael Jackson seven inch 45's.  Can't remember where they came from.
That most of those to whom I listen are no longer with us. 
The Black Mamba when it strikes.  Just kidding. Really.....
-Only one Pink Floyd album, Wish You Were Here. First Japanese pressing LP.
-Five LP copies of Bitches Brew by Miles Davis. Two Japanese, three US, all original pressings.
With over 1000 CD's and >1250 vinyl recordings NO Bob Dylan/David Bowie/U2 or Prince. 
@dayglow no Bowie? Blasphemy! Haha! Yeah, being a drummer, most of my music leans on the rhythm side with some great musicians and particularly drummers. But, they would be surprised by the wild variety of different styles.