Are Accuphase preamps "dull" sounding ?

I have just bought an Accuphase DP55V CDP and enjoying it a lot (please check the rest of my system).

I am thinking of getting an Accuphase preamp but had not find a lot of ink on them (at least not to the same extent of their digital products), and wondering why?

Are they dull sounding?
Is it because they come with "tone controls"? .. (ouch!!)

Thanks for your valuable feedback.

I have had 2 Accuphase preamplifiers, C-265 and C-2000 (still my preamp), and have been delighted with them !
In my case, associated with Accuphase amplifiers, like the P-7000 now.

Very musical, warm and precise.

Accuphase is still among the best electronics in the world !
Except, maybe, for many Americans, who have the tendency to overpraise the brands of their country...
I think Accuphase products are excellent. The units are well built using the best parts and there is a strong quality control. These result in very high reliability of the units. The people are quite conservative, yes, but they also know what good sound means. I think Accuphase products are better sounding than the products of many major league high end manufacturers, like Mark Levinson (Madrigal), Krell and Bryston. In my opinion Japanese high end manufacturers are quite conservative regarding implementation of new technologies, but if they've decided to implement a technology, they are extreme good in their execution.

"Except, maybe, for many Americans, who have the tendency to overpraise the brands of their country..."

Well Adhoc, you're off to a good start to making friends in the Audiogon community! If you put forth some effort to read the vast wealth of information in the A'gon threads, you will learn that many of us americans are quite critical of a lot of products made in our own well as everywhere else. We are no different than anyone else when it comes to wanting continuous refinements to our music systems. And often the result is a system of components from around the globe.

I find all Accuphase products dull sounding, and it is not jingoism, as I much prefer the Reimyo PAT777 Japanese made amp.
I use an Accuphase active crossover, which is a kind of preamp. I like tubes, and have tried as hard as I can to find something wrong with the sound of the Accuphase, but I can't, it sounds great. I will keep trying, though.
Ok Jafox !
Maybe was it just an impression of mine ?

I just notice, maybe not here, at Audiogon, that 80% of American people keeps speaking and comparing Krell with Audioresearch, Lamm with Spectral, etc etc
It's not often I see brands like Accuphase, Burmeister, Audio Net,Zingali, etc named.
Of course, it happens, but not as often as it deserves, to my opinion, and by far !

That's all !
And quite normal, on such a big market with so many good american brands.
It's the same in every field with Americans ! hehe !
I love mine this ancient Accuphase pre I just got. It gives me the best sound I have had. It took all tthe digital glare out but left the detail -SWEEEEET!
I also believe accuphase products, inspite of their built quality, are dull and lack transparency!
Adhoc: "It's the same in every field with Americans ! hehe !
Except, maybe, for many Americans, who have the tendency to overpraise the brands of their country"...

Ouch! I'm hoping there's something lost in the translation here.

I'm a Californian. There is a great deal of crap that America (as a country) should be relentlessly criticized for on a daily basis but our buying and exporting habits stand on their own merit. America's high end manufactures consistently sell more product abroad than domestically. American's consistently purchase more foreign produced electronics than domestic.

Accuphase and Krell both build Class A amplifiers as well as other components which makes them somewhat similar philosophically.

I don't recall ever hearing anybody say "I don't buy Asian, European, or American". When it comes to Pizza, forgetaboudit...
I have three systems: my main rig is primarily McIntosh (American), the video system is mostly Rotel (Japanese), and the system in my study is mostly NAD (European). These are all popular brands in the US.

When I was planning the Mac system, I gave some serious thought with going with Accuphase, which I've heard referred to as the "Japanese McIntosh". However, in the US Accuphase gear runs at least double what comparable Mac gear costs. That, compared with much more Mac availability on the used market, made the decision easy.

The same situation exists with high end European brands like Gryphon or Burmeister - they're much more expensive here than Krell or Levinson. That's why US audiophile are more into our local brands- in our market, they're better value.
"I also believe accuphase products, inspite of their built quality, are dull and lack transparency"????????????????? define what transparency is or sounds like ? I own serveral Accuphase units these terms I certainly would not use