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power supply
Speakers to hang on to for LIFE
My Dear friend : There is no such a thing as perfect speakers or perfect amp or pre amp or cd player. They all have positive and negative points. I have 4 different sets of speakers and the all sound great but not perfect. It is the art of matchin... 
Wilson audio Maxx best amp match???
You gotta go with solid state powerful amp with MAXX or you never fully hear its potentials. I have tried them all !! 
Infinity Epsilon/ Beta speakers-- Classsics???
Hi coacher :Thanks for your advice . I have epsilon speakers and presume the same advise is applicable for Epsilon. I will try again. Are any of the speaker's units available in the market ?Thanks 
Infinity Epsilon/ Beta speakers-- Classsics???
Hi :I also enjoy these speakers and in fact I bought two pairs on an auction for a very good price . I unfortunately experience dreadful sound from the speakers when I switch the amnps and this has to do with the servo's phase switch in the back w... 
The BEST system you've ever built !!!!
I have tried and spent so much money on different system until I found my dream one : Air Tight ATM3 for amps, Wilson Audio Maxx for speakers, vandenhull the third for speaker cable and Van Den hul the first for interconnect, Air tight ATC 2 for p... 
New monoblocs for Maxx II, which ones
I am currently using MAXX with Air tight se ATM 211 . The result is great. F.P. 
Air tight ATM 211 and MAXX
Unfortunately the problem with DC current still exist in my amp which creat a very sharp loud noise in speakers. I was told to have my AC earthing checked but I do jot have any problem with my KRELL amps. I think it is a flaw with the air tight am... 
Accuphase CD players versus Naim CD players
Accuphase DP55 lacks transparency like all accuphase cd players. Try different cables and you will improve your sound quality . 
Are Accuphase preamps "dull" sounding ?
I also believe accuphase products, inspite of their built quality, are dull and lack transparency! 
Accuphase DG-38 Digital Equalizer
yes . I had the system for 6 months and was not able to fully utilize it. I did not discover the full potential of the unit and I think you definately need Accuphase knowledgable distributer to explain how to use them. They are hard to undersatnd ... 
Which preamp for A50v?
Hi, My personal experience dictates to match accuphase Power with Accuphase Pre. Try one old C280L pre which is very smooth and sounds great (if you can find one! ).