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Who has heard the new Pass XA25?
"After 25 watt in class A, does It switch in a/b??How much is its Power in class a/b??"I think the [email protected] and [email protected] are the class AB continuous RMS limits, with "class A" envelope extending to 50 watts.Most class A push pull devices have a consi... 
Wave Kinetics NVS Turntable - Stereophile Review
Ha, ha! Thanks for your comments, Syntax, you are a rare gem! 
Thoughts on the First Watt SIT Amps
I know this discussion is about current production SIT, but I had a Sony TA 5650 VFET amp in the day for ten years before it failed and was very fond of it. SIT and VFET are different designations for the same kind of voltage controlled transistor... 
the natural sound of a cymbal
I would tend to believe that Tpreaves is correct.If one could hear those differences on a recording, that would be a very good recording/playback system. 
the natural sound of a cymbal
Ramsey Lewis "Hang on Ramsey"LP recorded live. 
How many got back into vinyl post divorce?
Just another sad story. She got the vinyl, he got the asphalt. 
Any real performace difference between SME 4 and 5
Don't think you will get a consensus here. SME V has silver wire, a higher rated bearing.SME IV lower rated bearing and copper wire?SME IV-VI supposedly a better bearing and a kind of high impedance wire proprietary to sumiko different from the V ... 
How good does a TT have to be for a good cartridge
A better table will improve the sound of a modest cartridge more than a poor turntable will be upgraded by an expensive cartridge. 
Amy Winehouse.RIP
Why would anybody require "empathy" for self destructive drug use, unless they were doing the same, much less guilt trip somebody for not "empathizing" with same?Compassion for suffering does not mean in any way that one should approve of the dysf... 
Manley 300B preamp
I am using some lowly shiney metal plate NOS RCA's. They have a lot of clarity to counter the 300b tendency toward lushness.I also have no complaint about the original Russian 6sl7, Manley chooses tubes that are pretty well adapted to their produc... 
Manley 300B preamp
I have the 300b preamp and really like it, mostly use it for headphones these days. My main preamp is the Allnic L5000 DHT preamp, which is almost too wonderfully special to describe, but the Manley isn't chopped liver and is fantastic with headph... 
How a turntable is like a gym membership
I have had a gym membership of one kind or another for over 25 years, and use the gym regularly.I am delighted when people leave vinyl, as long as they sell or donate their records to some lucky, appreciative customer. I guess your fail-safe is to... 
Accuphase F-25 Active Crossover, any experience?
I think the F 25 is a wonderful crossover, the only transistorized item in my otherwise tubed front end. I can't comment on the others, although I would think it would be generally the sonic equal of the Pass labs unit. The Pass is more flexible w... 
Wavac EC-300B - Feedback Request
Jack Roberts, the critic at Dagogo dot com, has one and comments on it from time to time. You might want to e-mail him, he is a nice person and hears a lot of different stuff. 
Benefits of a record ring
When I had my SME 20/IV-VI, I had a custom record ring made by Bob Benn. It made the presentation smoother, the dynamics became less those of the turntable and more those of the music, and the speed stability seemed better. I liked it and preferre...