Can I use a subwoofer with an Accuphase E-202 amp?

I am wanting to get a subwoofer to fill out my Acoustic Energy Aegis One's (I will upgrade speakers once I renovate my listening room)
I use an Accuphase E202 amp which is turning 40!!!!!! this year which is quite amazing when I think about it.
Anyway does anyone on here use a subwoofer with an E202 and is it possible?
Where do I hook the sub into? the "Pre out" or do I need a high output speaker cable from one off the speaker outputs?
I live in fear of blowing my amp up if I get something completely wrong.
Any help would be greatly appreciated
Why not just get a self powered subwoofer and run it from your pre-amp outputs?
I would not try to power passive subwoofer a long with a pair of speakers at the same time with an Accuphase E-202. I know it is a pretty powerful quality amp but that is a lot to ask for the Accuphase to power all that. I agree with Brf. Get a self powered subwoofer and connect the preamp output from the E202 to the sub. There are lots of ways to hook up a sub to the E-202 with your speaker set.

Good luck.
Sorry i should have mentioned I am getting an active subwoofer.

So the pre out is where I should connect it? the reason I'm confused is because someone told me I needed to get a "high level speaker output cable" (or something like that) and connect it to the speaker outputs because it's an old amp.

I connected one to the pre out before and everytime I turned the subwoofer on & off my Accuphases build in trip switch shut the amp down for a split second.
The only active subwoofer that I know that can take an output off an amplifier is those made by REL. Are you looking at a REL?
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Hey thanks for the replies you have cleared things up for me.
I think I will give it another go with a decent sub this time as the one I tried before apparently got left out in the rain so I'm now told.....eeeeekkkk
That might explain the problems my amp was having with it and not the connections.
Thanks again