Anyone tried Oritek X-1 cables?

I've read the reviews and was curious if anyone's had any first hand experience with these cables and what were your impressions.

I got a pair today, and even after a few hours, I am very pleased with what I am hearing. They must be "pre-cooked" or not require much break-in, because they are already incredibly good out of the box. I need a few more days with them to give a fuller, more informed and detailed report, but if first impressions can be trusted, they are wonderful.
I'd be interested in hearing your impressions if you decide to share them. Actually, I'm getting two pairs in the next few days. Just wondering yhough what to expect. I'll post my impressions.
I auditioned them and was quite impressed. They rivaled a well regarded IC costing 3x as much.
I have used / auditioned more cables than I can count and now use only Oritek interconnects in my system.

I had originally intended to use the Oritek for my cheap home theater but the manufacturer convinced me to compare to my reference interconnects. I was hesitant to even bother comparing because I spent lots of time and lots of money selecting interconnects. Simply put, I did not believe that the cheap Oritek's would compete with anything at the level I was already using - or even several levels below.

My reference interconnects were Siltech Compass Lake between my source and preamp followed by an NBS Monitor 0 IC between my preamp and amp. I picked that combo because they sounded the best in my system when used together. When used together, the Siltech and NBS were tonally correct - and seemed to provide the best balance of detail, involvement, warmth, open-ness, micro & macro dynamics, etc.

Without going into too much detail, the Oritek cables sounded better in my system. They had a way of presenting the harmonic detail of music which I had never heard before. This is not to say that the Oritek are detailed or analytical sounding but it was as if there was music to be heard that the other cables clipped or rolled off into non-existence. Musical notes started from nowhere, bloomed and then faded into silence so naturally it was quite amazing.

Strangely enough, with the Oritek, the tonal balance of my system did not change at all - it didn't get brighter or darker. Before the Oritek, I had spent A LOT OF TIME selecting cables which produced a very neutral yet involving musical experience. I think it is quite remarkable that the Oritek didn't change that experience other than open a previously missing dimension that I had been missing.

After some time with the Oritek, going back to the Siltech / NBS, was a joke.

A friend of mine was using Audio Note AN-Vz and KSL-LP1 and he now uses Oritek too.

I must admit, one thing the Oritek doesn't offer is the pride of ownership I had with my previous cables.
Just as a follow up. I now have four pairs in my system, replacing interconnects that cost $125, $325 and $1,940 each. I am very happy with the Oritek X-1 cables. Not perfect, the cables they replaced did certain things better, but all-in-all, I'm quite pleased with them. Very detailed, dynamic, and accurate bass. Somewhat flatter images but the soundstage itself is still 3-dimensional although a little further back. Extremely clear. I don't know their construction but if I had to guess, I'd say copper or silver-plated copper. My previous cables were pure silver and the one between my preamp and amp (the $1,940 unit) was metal over plastic.

Highly recommended.

Ori has a deal on his X-2 interconnects, if you previously owned the X-1's(no, you don't have to trade in the X-1's). I paid $390(including almost 10% sales tax-I believe) for 25-inches tip-to-tip(.6 meters). They are absolutely incredible. What Ori did with the X-1's, with harmonics, etc., multiply that with the no boundaries of the X-2. They really are in a separate category. For instance, you don't really realize when the record comes to an end. He says even a small amount dominates the system. I have to agree with him. If you listen to analog(1981 or earlier albums, generally), they seem to increase the relaxing(seratonin?) brain waves that analog produces. They aren't limiting whatsoever(it's like an X-1 with no boundaries-the only way that I would compare the two.)
After the previous post, I did go back to the Magnan Signatures between my preamp and amp, the bass was just more solid, for lack of a better way of putting it. The Magnan's on the other hand, give up some of the sparkle of the Oritek's. I'm hoping the X-2's retain the sparkle and have more of the bass oomph of the Magnan's. In their price range, the X-1's really don't have any competition amongst what I've heard IMHO.

I ordered a pair of the X-2's a couple of weeks ago and will post my listening impressions after I've had a chance to audition them.

I appreciate the tip.

I received the X-2 interconnects today and they are simply without a doubt, the best interconnects I've ever had in my system. My reference until now had been the Magnan Signature but the Oriteks do all that the Magnan's did and more (in my system of course). They do everything right without overplaying or under-emphasizing any part of the audio range. The bass is solid, solid, solid. Detail is abundant and it feels as if the noise floor is lower than ever before. The imaging is first rate and the soundstage is deep and layered with voices and instruments each occupying their own space.

I'd read some professional reviews on the X-1's and have them in my system. The X-2's take it a to a whole new level. All the usual audio review cliches which in this case, apply in spades. Highly recommended.

hello guys :-)

Since I am at the point of wanting to sell my rig because of cables. :-( I'm wondering - where can the Oriteks be bought for a try?

You can only order the X-1 direct from the manufacturer. His name is Ori and his e-mail address is Ori's username on Audiogon is Serus. Happy listening. Ori is a very nice guy and responds to all e-mails.
I'm using the Oritek X-2's between preamp and amp, and although I have the X-1's, it sounds so good that I haven't replaced my Signal Cable Silver Resolutions(between RCA juntion box and moving coil transformer) yet. I should at least try this(system synergy, etc.).
I've met Ori and can vouch that he is an outstanding character. He brought over the X-1, X-2, and X-1B(balanced) which I auditioned. I concur that the X-1 is simply unmatched in its price range (and above) and really increased the musicality of my system (DAC1->Pathos Mark II->Triangle Antal ES). However, the X-2 does everything the X-1 does, only even better. Everything seems to shimmer. The X-1B may be the bargain of the bunch; in my system the balanced cable sounded very close to the single ended X-2, and is cheaper. This may be system dependent however.
Yup! I have the X-1s and now own a pair of X-2s between preamp and amp. The X-1s are an amazing value and are very, very good. The X-2 kicks it up another notch or two at least, but at a much higher cost. I have used both the X-1 and X-1B.

I have a 62" set of X-1s for sale. Female XLR to RCA, if anyone
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