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Analysis Plus Silver Apex Speaker cable
Thanks Decooney and I am looking forward to how they sound with more hours! 
Analysis Plus Silver Apex Speaker cable
I  own them and I think they are wonderful! They have  around 80-100 hours on them I have not heard any brightness through my DeVore Super Nine speakers, so it could indeed be your speakers or you need more hours on them. The cables use a solid co... 
How to remove ground pin on power cable
I had a similar issue and I just removed the ground wire from the ground prong. (I checked with the cable manufacturer first before I proceeded.) No issues and no sound degradation from using a cheater plug. Simply remove the screws from the plug ... 
Aftermarket umbilical cords
Wywires makes umbilical cords ($395?) for Modwright Oppo power supplies and have been well received. Perhaps Alex can make one for you. The  company is also having a 40% off sale until March 20th, with a 30 day money back. Tough to beat that! 
I need advice for power cords
Agree with "Tantejuut". You may also want to consider a power line conditioner. 
Phono's $2100 to $2600
Try the Tavish Design "Adagio" phono stage with the larger Jensen transformers. At $2400, it falls within your price range and it responds well to tube rolling. The company also offers a 30-day return policy with a 5% restocking fee. I have had mi... 
Sent Back the Pro-ject Turntable: What would be the best option in the $1800 range?
Consider the Well Tempered Simplex MKII. Plays way above its price point. 
Speaker cables recommendation from Nagra 300p amps to Devore O96 speakers
 Wywires "Platinum" speaker cables should fit your budget. I am running them from a Sugden FP-800 amp to a pair of Devore Super Nines. They are also on sale on this website. 
KISEKI PURPLE NS your reviews....
Re-tipping cartridges does that address andychris’s question about those who have actually had a KPH NS? Just sayin! 
KISEKI PURPLE NS your reviews....
I have owned the KPH NS for over fours years and it has worked beautifully with a Well Tempered Versalex! Never any issues for me. 
Anyone Having Problem With Cardas Clear Beyond XL Power Cables Falling Out Of Equipment
I have never had that issue, using the cord on two different amps and plugged into a power line conditioner. 
upgrade from Devore Nines
They are a bit over 12' from my listening position... about the same distance (more or less) that the other speakers were placed. 
upgrade from Devore Nines
I forgot to add, that I do not find them to sound "thin" at all. They are also quite a bit more dynamic sounding! 
upgrade from Devore Nines
ProfThe Super Nines (S9's) are a definite upgrade over the 0/93's, which are an upgrade over the Nines. I have owned all of them. The S9's are a big improvement over the 0/93's in every category...better extension, imaging, etc., yet still possess... 
Devore The Nines owners compare The Nines to The Super Nines or ....?
I owned the Nines, then went for the 0/93's and I now own the Super Nines. Each was a definite upgrade over the Nines.