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Sound Performance Lab
My pre is a Luxman C-900u. I also have a Modwright Oppo 205 as my digital source. Yes, the SPL is cheaper than the Sugden, especially now that the "The Music Room" is running a special on the 1200.  
Sound Performance Lab
I purchased the SPL S1200 and am absolutely loving it! It replaced a Sugden FBA 800. I. used the amps to drive a pair of DeVore Super Nines. Better frequency extension in the highs and lows, more dynamic (micro and macro) and better imaging. Very ... 
For classical music lovers best amp for large orchestral forces?
"What about an ARC 75SE…? They come on the used market often and it may give you an opportunity to see if the upgrade to an 80s or 160s is worth it…? " I would shy away from any product that often comes on the used market! This likely happens for... 
Mixed Brand Pre-Amp Power Amp Pairings that Work
I have a Luxman C-900u driving a Sugden FBA-800 and the pairing is excellent!  
dust protection for turntables
  I've had dust covers made for a Well Tempered table and an Acoustic Signature Hurricane NEO. Excellent workmanship and highly recommended!   Acrylic Turntable Dust Covers (  
Solid State Phono Stages
Oops, my bad! Thanks for the heads up!  
Solid State Phono Stages
Check out the Whest Audio phono stages. (many favorable reviews) They are available from Music Direct which has a 60 day return policy.  
Help me pick a new turntable
The AS NEO turntables come with a 15 year warranty...none better in the industry! I had a custom dust cover made for my Hurricane which complements it quite well. Funny how some people can "opine" about a product without ever hearing it, much les... 
Help me pick a new turntable
I have a AS Hurricane NEO with a Kuzma 4point9 arm and a Hana Umami Red cart and absolutely love the set up! I considered the TA-2000 arm, however, I wanted something a bit better but didn't want to spend the considerable amount to get the TA-5000... 
Genalex GL GZ-34 Rectifier...Did I just get a bad one? Five months seems
@mars2K I have the same set up with no rectifier issues. However, I never used any Sovtek tubes, only a Sophia Electric 274B mesh plate and a NOS CV 717 rectifier that is the same as a 5R4GY tube. Since you have not had issues with your NOS Mazda... 
Record Static Charge Affecting Vertical Tracking Force (VTF)?
Thanks all!  I have not had any air cleaners running since last year when the air quality became so bad due to the California wild fires. I just recalled that I have a Maple Shade record brush (somewhere) with a wire and plug that is supposed to g... 
The Growing Challenge of Buying NOS/NIB Tubes
@rspyder  If a vendor said that to me I would tell him to take his tubes and shove them far up his ass and put all his emails in my SPAM folder. There are other tube vendors out there, such as Brent Jesse ( have bought many tubes from him and he... 
Testing stylus wear.
You may want to get a stylus timer to keep track of your hours. All you have to do is remember to turn it on and then off when you are finished playing records. I bought mine from Music Direct.   1 ASTMSTYTIMER  
Atma-Sphere Class D getting some love
When will the new amps become available?  
Herron VTPH-2A vs ModWright PH 9.0
@three_easy_payments  +1 on the Luxman EQ500! I am using NOS medical grade European Amperex tubes and it sounds so good! Even with stock tubes, it beat the Tavish Adagio and the Herron. Also the most quiet phono stage I have ever or ...