Anyone remember Cramolin Red?

The other day I was going through some boxes in my shed. I saw a little box, (Discwasher) and couldn't remember if there was anything in it, what condition it was in...
Turns out, was a bunch of misc. phonograph stuff, and 2 bottles of Cramolin, 1 Blue and 1 Red.
Thought I had some...wondered where it was.....
I was wondering if anyone here knew the story on the Red. When I was putting my original stereo system together (1979 -1983) It seems this was the stuff that was thought to be Best thing to use on exposed metal connections (bannana plugs, RCA jacks...). It seems now the cleaner/protector to choose is the Caig Deoxit.
I was away from the Audiophile hobby at the time of the transition, so I am not sure of the details.
Does anyone know the story on these products and any "back stories". I had heard that somehow Caig had either tried to, or did eliminate Cramolin by less than normal competitive business practises..
From a functional/technical side, are they the same, similar....?
Thanks for any information,
History of Cramolin and other contact enhancers:

I figured this was the place ask.
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Yep Still have mine--nearly gone though-ha!
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Yes, I could have bought some P.R. when I bought it, but their is a reason. Now its called Caig labs De-Oxit, but its just same thing with a different name
I read something on the whole Freon thing, and it was a plot to takeover the market by the Caig people (to get it banned in the 90's because of the Freon and ozone layer , yada yada). It was on old BLOGs that were abandoned or had no one willing to answer questions. ( Some times Google searches a little to deeply...)
What confused me was, I have the liquid in a bottle and I had never seen it in a aerosol can, so why it would contain Freon of all things, baffled me.
Thanks for clearing that up ;)