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Why Purchase A CD Player or Transport ?
curiousjim 1,062 posts 08-14-2022 at 11:14am  You ever hear of “ The Incredible Broadside Brass Bed Band? LOL, I didn’t think so😁 Or "The Black Dykes Mills Brass Band" Yep--true in the North of England! D  
what’s a song cover that you think is better than the original?
Damn Spellcheck %$#$#@!! I meant Yazoo😀 Des  
what’s a song cover that you think is better than the original?
Graham Bonnet's version of Dylan's "Its all over now Baby Blue" Julie Driscoll Brian Auger & Trinity - Dylan's Wheels On Fire  Flying Pickets rendering of Yahoo's "Only You" Des  
Does Anyone Else Member the Golden Age of Audio Insults and Product Degradation?
Musical Fidelity > Musical Fatality  
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Indeed Thank you Tammy for all your help and assistance you are great asset to Agon and all of us! Peace and Stay safe T212😀  
ORANGE Fuse rejected
Yes the fuse conundrum like most "tweaks" can be taken mostly with a grain of salt--but hey we are creatures of habit and in this game you must know when an "itch" pops up --damn hard not to scratch --so why not allow one a side track and dabble -... 
Who is ditching their shiny disc spinners?
Retired and happy to stick with the humble CD they sound Ok to me in my Naim CD555DR.D 
The SHOW 2021 is a Go!
Oh Dear!Why is everyone so unkindWhoa---T212 
Schumann Resonator
They're supposed to to be plugged into a different circuit to the main StereoT212 
The guru on fuses:
The old Fuse chestnut looms large agin--ha!I tend to agree with George--the Bussmans/ Littlefuse etc do the job admirably .The downside to the so called "Audiophile Fuses " that I"ve tried I gather most are Ceramic/composite filled, is they cannot... 
Looking for a ‘’No braine’r Integrated amplifier under 7500 or so
Analog Domainand for ClassD--its getting close!SpecT 
Which speakers did you find bright, fatiguing or just disappointing in some way?
Worst combo I've had--Cerwin Vegas with Crown Amps--so bad totally unlistenable .Almost as bad but never would buy.Latest B+W 800 series-- like razors in the ears.Von Schweikerts-- just dull.Magicos- sounds like designed by and for a computer-hear... 
Ceramic fuses
True Wolf--Ego, perception, thinking what we assume to be betterscourges this Audio following --we've all been down this path much to the detriment of our wallets! in the journey to NivranaSometimes we are our own victimsDogs chase cars too but I'... 
Ceramic fuses
Ah thought to add my 10c --or in my case $200's (!)worth to this discussion-so I will get straight to the Nitty Gritty!Firstly I am in the Fuses can make a positive point in a system, no not earth shattering but yes improvements, some subtle can b... 
Interesting discovery when my carpets were cleaned yesterday!
Yes I gather that Stand Mount speakers do not seem to benefit from Footers /Isolators/etc. I was told by the Manufacturer of one Hi End brand that his products would not work under speakers on Stands.Caveat EmptorT212