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Peter Lederman in Second Bout With COVID-19
Wishing a speedy recovery for Peter --I agree a fine gentleman of the industry.He was/is on Warafin for the Clots so fingers crossed.T212 
The SHOW 2021 is a Go!
Oh Dear!Why is everyone so unkindWhoa---T212 
Schumann Resonator
They're supposed to to be plugged into a different circuit to the main StereoT212 
The guru on fuses:
The old Fuse chestnut looms large agin--ha!I tend to agree with George--the Bussmans/ Littlefuse etc do the job admirably .The downside to the so called "Audiophile Fuses " that I"ve tried I gather most are Ceramic/composite filled, is they cannot... 
Looking for a ‘’No braine’r Integrated amplifier under 7500 or so
Analog Domainand for ClassD--its getting close!SpecT 
Which speakers did you find bright, fatiguing or just disappointing in some way?
Worst combo I've had--Cerwin Vegas with Crown Amps--so bad totally unlistenable .Almost as bad but never would buy.Latest B+W 800 series-- like razors in the ears.Von Schweikerts-- just dull.Magicos- sounds like designed by and for a computer-hear... 
Ceramic fuses
True Wolf--Ego, perception, thinking what we assume to be betterscourges this Audio following --we've all been down this path much to the detriment of our wallets! in the journey to NivranaSometimes we are our own victimsDogs chase cars too but I'... 
Ceramic fuses
Ah thought to add my 10c --or in my case $200's (!)worth to this discussion-so I will get straight to the Nitty Gritty!Firstly I am in the Fuses can make a positive point in a system, no not earth shattering but yes improvements, some subtle can b... 
Interesting discovery when my carpets were cleaned yesterday!
Yes I gather that Stand Mount speakers do not seem to benefit from Footers /Isolators/etc. I was told by the Manufacturer of one Hi End brand that his products would not work under speakers on Stands.Caveat EmptorT212 
Magico vs the world
Well sorry to join the "not my cuppa" mob but I tend to agree on the Magico "sound"frankly, beautiful finish, top flight marketing obviously making the Owner lots of dosh! I've heard them in numerous settings from the First launch at CES-sadly my ... 
Wilson's Chronosonic XVX loudspeaker over 3/4 of a million US dollars
The early Wilson Focal inverted dome Tweeter was shot loaded and Tube trapped --this helped I gather to smooth it out. I sorta like the attack and "snap"of it in my Watt 3’s at the time.Best,D 
Beware: New (at least to me) scam being run on Audiogon members
Agree with above Tammy on the Gon is prompt to answer Q's and getsanswers to the very best of her ability--at least we can now deal with a real person.Kudos!Team 
Speakers better than Revel Salon 2
Yes the Revel Salon 2's are superb speaker--frankly they are far better than they should be--just that Revel speakers have never risen above the ok to very good--The Salon 2's raise the bar--KudosIf I was to pitch them with some competition they w... 
which Audio Research pre-amp?
Get an SP10 --if you can find oneTeam212 
What albums, in your opinion, sound unquestionably better on Vinyl rather than Digital?
 All the Moody Blues AlbumsTeam212