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PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium Preamplifier. DESTROYS SPEAKERS!!
Sorry to read of the Loss of the ML's--fine speakers I've heard themI've struck this DC problem   destroying my speakers-Twice!Crown D150--JBL JubalsCounterpoint  SA3000(?)  Spendor BC1sBoth the above two Amp Mfgs to avoid in my book anywayteam   
Has anyone considered rebuying a speaker you once owned??
Avalon Ascent II'sT212 
What speaker cable made a major difference in the sound quality of your speakers??
Any cable from Chris Sommovigo T212 
Don't buy from
03-23-2017 2:21pmClarificationDirector of MarketingAudiogonApril 2009 – April 2011 (2 years 1 month) . Great guy Bill Leebens is. No doubt about him.Agree Bill is one of the true good guys of this industry-- now with PS Audio I recallDes 
Are You Sorbothane Experienced?
Audio quest made some squishy S' feet ages ago--thank heaven they disappeared--meh!The really only decent use/misuse of the dreaded Sorbothane was theMission Isoplat---if you can find them--they are worth tryingD 
Have you ever tried a pair of speakers and said this Is the last thing I will ever need.
After over 59 years since I bought my first "Mono" Player--many incarnations ( too many that sucked both sonically and the wallet!)have been and gone form my abodesNow though I've settled with what I feel is a fine balance of musicality/involvemen... 
Think twice before concluding some thing sounds better
Onhwy61--Luv the comparisons--so right--hell getting any so called dealer to loan a piece for "months so I can see if I REALLY like it!"is akin to pulling teeth!Team212 
Favorite guitar players not named......
Not to mention the Chalk and the CheeseBarney KesselWilco JohnsonD 
Questionable service at Soundsmith
Sorry to read you think  that inna such as your prerogative But observe the Posts above We ARE his friendsDes 
Questionable service at Soundsmith
Thank you Peter for taking your time to answer this thread--your explanation of your family and the medical conditions brought tears to my eyes--I am a pensioner with tests regularly for the Conditions that may come up.May I wish for your time of ... 
Anyone remember Cramolin Red?
Yep Still have mine--nearly gone though-ha!  
Elrog 300B vs Takatsuki 300B tubes
I use a Quad set Takatsuki 300Bs and can honestly say they are as good as it gets--I would've gone for the Elrogs ( I replaced  stock EH's also excellent tubes) but at the time the reliability of the new E's was troubling However  I see that issue... 
Class "A" phono cartridge discussion.
I Agree with the Poster the EMT is one of the great MC's ditto comment on the Goldfinger it is overpriced and should be Class B--it is too edgy to my ears-- I'd sooner a Jan Allaerts thereit is a far superior cart to some mentionedThe Madake is th... 
I think I've Just Seen Absolute Proof That Audiophiles Are Insanely Gullible
Whaooooo! Great reading thread--re the Dalbly D7 I know someone withTWO of them--yes seriously observed personally in situand Horrors!--I own the Shun Mook Clamp and --I admit (snivelling on knees pleading for mercy!!) the TICE CLOCK!!!So I'm next... 
Best arm for Dr. Feickert Analogue Firebird Table
Kuzma 4 point--no contestteam212