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What is this odd little box I've been storing for years?
Hey I'm agreeing  tooooo Geoffrey we want pics  we want pics we want pics!!T212 
Value of burn/break in?
I use Tubes and a CD spinner--about 1t/2 hours before serious sit down listening I run the Cardas Sweep/Tones/noise tracks on repeat at moderate volume.The system is ready for virtual instant Kharma after that with my selection.My technique anyway... 
What is an acceptable level of transformer hum on a Krell S300i?
Hmmm--I'll bet its a Toroidal Tranny too!--- Naim ones are the worst I've come across-- for the $$'s you'd think they'd get that right!I'd say its Frequency related-- I have the PurePower Regenerator and there is an external adjustable pot behind ... 
Impressive Audiogon, Great Job!
Hey  Guys, Tammy is OK and answers Q's promptly-- Agon is what we use and it is now part of our worldOh if we are having a niggle--only pity is Agon has my Balance from that"ill fated"(sorry!) credit account bizo --now defunct as I'm led to believ... 
Best audio companies and dealers
Madisound for prompt help /advice and product supply if/whenyou have a Speaker part /etc problem A+T212 
Interconnects and non-believers
Glory be--I needed a cuppa and a lie down--I agree with somethingGeoffKait said !!!!--Cables are NON directional well in my system anyway -no sonic difference (SE) Chris Sommovigo --who's cables I usespoke the same tongue.Re the Transparent Music ... 
Fraud Alert: Audio Zoom Zoom, Netherlands
I'm with Tony Kay above on Countries NOT to send TT's or money transfers to--I'd include Poland I got scammed by this Ratbag Derr Phillip Johannes and his Bank ING Bank Slaski SA KatowiceAvoid both at all times!T212 
Y No YG ?
soix  Too much lab, not enough listening?  Kind of reminds me of Halcro in a way.Soix hit the nail on the head--Both sound as if designed by and to be listened too by a Computer--no SoulTeam212 
Revel Salon 2’s (used) or new Magico A-3 (new) ??
The poster asked the QuestionRevel Salon 2's or Magico A3'sIn my book it would be the Salon 2's--one would soon tire I feel of the over detailed upper Mid/Treble etched presentation of the Magicos.Other than that Magicos are OK.Team212 
Still looking for speakers in the 10-20,000 range
So you have previous ProAcs 3:5s --great Speakers--you have myriad of choices --enough to really spin the head-ha!What I've heard /or owned--picks for perusalVandersteen Carbon 5A'sProAC Carbon 6 or 8Revel Salon 2'sTidal Diacera PianosNot fan of F... 
A lot of hype about PS Audio, deservedly so ?
The BHK Amps  and Pre are excellent and to be applauded --I have not auditioned the DS Dacs but the kudos are noticed and are appreciated . The only product I would not touch are the Power Plants which can give floppy bass and squashed dynamics-th... 
No love for Verity?
Yes I've always admired the honest musicality of the Veritys--smooth,full bodied, rich tonally--not everyones cuppa but more pleasing and satisfying for long term listening than say Magico( fatiguing!) YG, B+W'steam212 
Will preamp manufacturers tell you if the model is phase inverse?
Conrad Johnson are Phase inverting Team 
Any new turntable brands we should pay attention to ?
According to reports on anther forum the holy grail of TT's( or so we are led to believe ) is in production again albeit limited numbersThe Great American Sound Coteam 
Are the folks at Vandersteen ok?
Indeed I'll go into bat for Richard V--I, as a complete noob at a CESasked his opinion on one of his products and he answered courteouslyand precise to the point --all I you've asked for-- considering one of his staff in the room whispered to me h...