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Battery power, DC motor turntable availability
Dr Feickert Blackbird TT has battery operationteam212 
Recommendations for SS preamp for Pass XA-30.8
Hi, Try the Klyne--if you can find oneDes 
TRI WIRE configuration?
The Cardas Tri Wire harness I found the best--for the Avalons any wayDes 
TRI WIRE configuration?
Yes Avalon Ascent II's still one of the best everDes 
Blade vs S5 vs Avior vs Hansen's Prince E's
Aviors would be my choiceHansens--Ok not much elseBlades-- bass tends to get over wrought on tracks and the Speaker strugglesMagicos--No comment Scaneas--bit bright for meD 
Retail ricing on Entreq grounding system
I have it on PDF but cannot Post it hereDes 
Phono cable question
EasyOption 2You don't want an unshielded RF antenna going all the way from your cartvia the wide blue yonder.Terminate at the exit point on the TT.Good ListeningDes 
Looking for a DSD/PCM DAC that can do 110 and 220V
SS Pre-amps that can beat an Audio Research sp16
I'm with JMC aboveThe Klyne--delivers what the others promiseGreat Pre'sDes 
Soundlab speakers
I've owned early versions of A3's,1's and Pristines. The Prognosis was great the execution left a lot to be desired- the fizzed popped and went AWOL on efficiency. When working they could deliver -but the trials and tribulations of ESLsare not for... 
Influential Producers
I agree with Vhiner on Tbone Burnett--his Plant/ Krauss, Elton and Russellefforts are flat and lifelessOh what a chance lostD 
Songs That Sound the Same
Dominic Behans "The Patriot Game" and Bob Dylans "With God on our Side"Another George Harrison moment --blatant pretty obvious reallyD 
Las Vegas
Great , What is the address Please or contact for same if you do not want to post hereDes 
Las Vegas
Tried 3 times to contact with my intention to attend--but Agon Moderators vetoed my post sadly!Des 
Las Vegas
Hi Dave, I asked to come to the meeting--no reply?Des