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Martin Logan CLX or 15A- any idea of % discount from official dealer?
Here's a deal for youhttps://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/649454164-martin-logan-clxdescent-i-sub-with-clx-crossover-s...No idea if they are still available 
Sonic Frontiers Line 2SE vs. SFL2
My suggestion would be to contact Chris at Parts Connexion (one of the original Sonic Frontiers owners).  He can provide excellent tube advice 
The best coupling caps in power amp ?? Mundorf, Infinicap ??
I replaced all of the cross over caps (Solen) in my M/L CLX e-stats with V-Caps CuTF and OIMP.  Couldn't be happier. 
The cast of JassFM 91 / Toronto started a new gig!
Danny Marks still does an excellent blues show on FM 91.1 saturday evenings after 8pmI often wonder if RUSH's Spirit of Radio had anything to do with CFNY back in the day 
InfiniCaps or V cap upgrades for ARC LS7
Whatever you decide to do don't underestimate the amount of time it will take to break in the new capacitors especially in a coupling capacitor application.  V caps and others can take well over 100 hrs (I usually burn them in on a bench for 200hr... 
Andrew Cash- Time and Place any Canadiens know who this is?
I haven't played that disc in a long time, I'll get back to it next listening session, as I recall it was a 'pick me up' style of music, can't recall the recording quality.Yes, back in the day CFNY spun some great music 
Newbie needs help on Audio Research and DynAudio Quality
"Also, I checked and see one of the big tubes in one of the amp is not lighting up."I am surprised that the amp plays anything if an output tube is bad/blown, my Classic 150 will go into protection mode (indicated by dimming of Screen LED).The Cla... 
Newbie needs help on Audio Research and DynAudio Quality
You should also check tube bias, again make adjustments as they warm up, low fan setting, they become stabile after about 1 hour 
Newbie needs help on Audio Research and DynAudio Quality
I have a pair of Classic 150 and don't even bother listening to them until they have warmed up playing music for at least 1 hour, before that they sound harsh.They sounded great with my Dynaudio Mirage 
Doh! Modding vs. Selling
Hifiman5 - yes I do my own mods.  Although I have an electronics background my first significant learnings came in the late 80s from Audio Amateur.  The learning process never ends and there are plenty of enthusiasts at diyaudio.com or audioasylum... 
Confused about Rega and VTA....
If you plan on using assorted weights of vinyl (which generally impacts vinyl thickness) optimal SRA is maintained via adjustment of VTA.  If all of your LPs are essentially the same thickness, set it once and leave it.Yes I have VTA on the fly an... 
Doh! Modding vs. Selling
I have been modding equipment for many years and don't worry about resale as I rarely sell, in fact I usually purchase used so the previous owner has already taken the depreciation 'hit'.In most cases I do the mods in steps rather than all at once... 
Flash from power tube
For my last retube I used Winged C Sed 6550C tubes and had 1 of 16 fail after a couple of hundred hours at most.  Subsequently I have learned/been advised exactly what roberjerman has said "Current production tubes DO NOT have the longevity of pas... 
Does anyone have any experience with Bryston amps
"Anthem and Bryston are sonic matches for Paradigm speakers."A match made in Canada 
speakers with balls
As much as I like the sound of electrostatic/planar/ribbon speakers even with subs I wouldn't say they have balls