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Last stylus preservative...anyone still use it?
I use Onzow followed by Stylast before each side.  Never had any issues with cantilever creep. 
Martin Logan Tweaks / Upgrades
I have CLX and the have a vertical brace from the base along the entire outside edge of the panel, so the 'dowel' tweak makes sense to me.  I also suggest/agree adjusting vertical angle makes a significant difference in the sound.  You need to exp... 
Warm-up time.
I like to play mine for at least 1 hour before any serious listening, it is all tube based except the DAC.  My speakers are electrostatic (M/L CLX), the claim is that it takes some time to build up a proper charge on the stators, I cannot claim to... 
Why do McIntosh come with cheap plastic remotes?
I still like the Sonic Frontiers 'puck' 
Martin Logan Tweaks / Upgrades
I agree with johnsonwu.check out this site for some ideas:http://www.martinloganowners.com/forum/ 
Jazz FM 91 interviews Diana Krall
She will be interviewed (pre recorded) by John Moore on AM 1010 at 7pm saturday and replayed noon sunday 
Jazz FM 91 - New digital encoding?
are you sure it didn’t go from 44/16 to 96/24? gotta turn on Blues FM now its 8pmcan't say I notice the difference, need to install my outdoor antenna oh wait, its friday not saturday 
Good source for TT dustcover??
I use Stereosquares with my Aries 3.  It looks great and they will custom size it for you along with any cut outs you desire.  I wasn't aware that they did the VPI etching, it would have been a nice feature. 
Others experience re: subs and Magmepan 20
I have Martin Logan CLX and use a pair of Martin Logan Descent i subs with the CLX subwoofer filter added (the filter compensates for the low frequency roll off of the CLXs)  Integration seems to me to be seamless once the overall level of the sub... 
Sonic Frontier Line 3 vs McIntosh C2500
I still haven't changed the fuse but may try that next.My coupling caps are Audio Note Silver, I often wonder how V-Caps would sound, they are great in my cross overs.My last re-tube consisted of NOS Telefunken diamond base E88CC (LV1, V2), NOS Sy... 
Sonic Frontier Line 3 vs McIntosh C2500
Let us know how it sounds after break in (at least 100hrs).  Which brand is the fuse?