Anyone know of a good pressing of Stickey Fingers?

Is the MFSL LP a big improvement over the standard pressings?
I've always loved this record, but the sound is typical 70's dreadful.

the original rolling stone label recordings(us, uk, or japan) are the best....the japanese reissue follows, then the mfsl, then the virgin reissues. in any case, don't expect an audiophile recording...its only rock and roll
MFSL vinyl is not as great as you might think for what you would probably have to pay. Check the regular outlets (used record store,, Ebay) for a good deal. If you can find the regular pressing for $10-15 go for it.
Great record. Poor recording. The MOFI is not worth the cost. Find the original British pressing and enjoy for what it is.

How does one identify the original pressing/release?
The MOFI is a genuine POS recording. I own a first release 1971 zippered gatefold copy and it is at best marginal sounding. Never heard the cassette or 8 track so this may be as good as it gets.
Heard 'em all, most in direct comparisons over the years -

1) Original UK pressing. As long as you get one with the orginal zipper, it'll be "original" enough and indistinguishable from other "original" pressings.

2) Japanese original (check out obi) and 1990's UK repressing. Both have different advantages and disadvantages.

3) Perfect/mint US first pressing. At least it's pretty honest.

4) MoFi just sounds a little artificial, although it is clean.

BTW - the ONLY pressing of "Exile On Main Street" that is okay is the original UK pressing. US is clearly inferior and the Japanese pressing is a far third.

It is ultimately frustrating - but we're not talking about getting good sound out of good tapes. Gotta remember that the Stones intentionally buried vocals, instruments, etc. into an overall murky mix. That's actually one of the reasons why "Exile" and "Fingers" are somewhat addictive.
Somewhat disagree. The original "zipper" US version is very good, dynamic and open, altho some variation in sound from track to track. The MOFI is very good IMO but definitely compressed compared to the original record (or CD), tho' with excellent information retrieval. If you want to hear how much info is actually contained in the original tapes of Exile or Sticky Fingers, get a hold of the relatively recent remastered CDs.
I own a first release 1971 zippered gatefold copy and it is at best marginal sounding. Never heard the cassette or 8 track so this may be as good as it gets.
Audiofeil (Threads | Answers)
How does one identify the original release from a reissue, or second pressing?
Hi Grant,
That's a good question. I bought my copy the week it was released here in the states so I'm assuming first release status.
If defining codes exist on the vinyl and/or jacket I'd be interested in knowing about them. Not only for this album but the major labels as well.

"Is there anybody out there?"
Here's what I've found about Rolling Stones Record Label Discography.

The original issue was COC59100.

My copy is COC39105...a 1977 reissue with zipper cover.
Mine is the original as I suspected.

These words/letters/numbers are engraved on the lead out grooves.

Side 1:
Rolling Stones Records, BBB-11-111

Side 2:
Rolling Stones Records, ST-RS, 712190, AAA 1-11

I have the original release COC 59100, ST-RS-712190 PR, bought during the first months of US release. Still in perfect condition except for Peter Pan is missing his zipper....
Any tried any of the SACDs? Ive had my hands on them a couple of times but always felt short on cash.
Agree about the MoFi. I bought mine some 20 years ago, and was amazed at how the sax solo in "Brown Sugar" sounds like a kazoo. (I kid you not!)
I can tell you to stay away from the dreadful EMI 180 g. reissues of Exile, Sticky Fingers (there's another, too -- there were three) that came out about six years ago. It was done by a great masterer like Ricker or Ludwig (I think Ricker), but he admitted that there were problems with them (something about a record company bean counter somehow mucking it up). They are so bad that the catalog houses that carried them started putting out disclaimers.

I use my EMI copy of Sticky Fingers only for "Can't You Hear Me Knockin" -- the opening riff tells me if I've got the left/right channels straight on my turntable.
Davetherave, I just finished comparing the mofi to my original US pressing, and was also about to post that the thin-sounding sax on the mofi sounds like a kazoo, when I read your post! The original US pressing is more full-bodied and organic. More life in the presence region, and more revealing of background detail. But neither version does ultimate justice to the Stones.

Lucas, the SACDs are great. I particularly like Satanic Majesty. The SACD brings out all kinds of details buried deep in the mix.
Still in perfect condition except for Peter Pan is missing his zipper....
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That's an oxymoron. :)
the abcko DSD vinyl and japanese mini lp CD's are pretty impressive...but its the stones, not diana krall
The abkco series does sound good but I've yet to find Sticky Fingers.
Dgarretson, that settles it, next time I see the SACDs im going to pick them up.

Ok, so I went home last night and pulled out my small Stones collection. I have a copy of the MOFI Sticky Fingers. It sounds pretty good, but it doesn't blow my socks off. However, I have a digitally-remastered LP (speaking of oxymoron) of "Let it Bleed" from London. I think it sounds great. Anybody else listen to any of these London pressings?
zar...i gotta believe the post london stuff is in our near future....
I had a chance to spin up my original US pressing of Exile on Main Street COC 2-2900, ST-RS-722507/8/9/10 PR. Exile sounds really good sonically & a cut above the US first pressing of Sticky Fingers. I'd like to get my hands on a UK pressing for comparison.
I also played my original copy of Exile recently and it is quite pleasing. Hlmiii says the only copy that is "OK" is the UK version. To his ears in his system perhaps, but the US version is fine with my gear. Better than Sticky Fingers, Beggars Banquet, and Let it Bleed but not as good as Aftermath all of which I purchased on release.

Aftermath is done really well and IMO may be the Stones' best sounding original release on vinyl. I've not heard any of the vinyl reissues and/or digital releases.
I'll go a little further revisiting these albums & suggest that the original vinyl US pressing of Exile has warmth & detail pretty close to the standard of the early London records. Problem with recollection of murk on this album likely owed to Pioneer receiver with small Advent speakers & foggy bong water in my early 70s "listening sessions". Perhaps the Sticky Fingers production got caught in the compromised transistor mixing panels that came in around 1970.

Also compared Satanic Majesty on SACD & early London and green-label Decca vinyl. The Decca betters the London in all respects. The SACD is great but really a matter of taste-- not quite as involving as the vinyl but much more dynamics & bass authority.