Definitive version of "Sticky Fingers"

I'm mostly interested in digital media for the purpose of this question. Is there a definitive audiophile version of Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers? Gold CD, SACD (I can't find one), HDCD, XRCD, Japan issue, remaster?

I posted the same question earlier. It's a sad, sad thing that one of the best rock albums ever is still lacking a digital remaster and we're stuck with the murky sound on the current (original & ancient) digital transfer. The recent re-release of the album is just a marketing gimmic, it's the same original transfer. I have yet to locate a digital release that improves on the standard cd that's readily available. On vinyl, I recently bought a mint EMI British 180 gram release that pounds the MFSL version. That's the best sounding version I've heard.
MFSL vinyl
second the mfsl or the original vinyl....none of the cds have come close, though there is a mini lp cd that at least has the zipper
yep...vinyl mfsl
Yes, buy the Mo Fi vinyl.

Your right, I don't think it is on SACD.