Anyone going to the Rocky Mountain Audio show??

This weekend will be my third time to go to the show. Professional reviewers will be there, but I will be interested in the candid thoughts of the AudiogoN community.
It's a lot to take in, but I've always walked away feeling that I've learned a thing or two. Any thoughts from those who have gone before or who plan to attend this time??
I'm going. This is my 4th or 5th year. Be sure to check out the .xls spreadsheet of all the gear being shown and which room it's in. Available on their website at the bottom of the first "products" page.
Don't eat at the mexican joint across the street. You've been warned.
Thanks for the tips. Being from Texas it's hard to find top shelf Tex-Mex in the West. Enjoy the show!!

PS- If you see someone walking around with a sweater with an American flag on the front, you'll know it's a fellow AudiogoN member.
Agree that Garcia's isn't top-shelf TexMex. Within walking distance, though, very good cocktails and steaks can be had at the Cool River Cafe. Also within a few blocks, is Soundings, which was showing Vienna Acoustics The Music speakers last time I was there, in a good sounding room. Rod, the manager, utilizes the Sumiko master set for placing the speakers, and they sounded great when I was there. If you're craving live music, the Colorado Symphony will be featuring Olga Kern performing Rachmaninoff's 3rd Piano Concerto.
Its on my list of things to do someday but not this year.

Rocky Mountains + audio. What could be better?
I was raised in Dallas and Austin. I ate at Garcias twice last year and found the food to be good, prices low, and service fast. Beats the hotel food and prices. For lunch or snacks the Woody Creek Backery across the street from Garcias is quite nice and easy to take to go. Both locations are out the front door and turn right. About a one block walk.
Finger Lakes + Audio . most beautiful place on earth.
For lunch or snacks the Woody Creek Backery across the street from Garcias is quite nice and easy to take to go.
I second the Woody Creek Bakery. Their sandwiches are well-priced for the quantity of food they give you. These guys were closed Sat for lunch as we arrived just a little late but they were very nice & welcomed us in, made us sandwiches specially & didn't make a big deal of it. I really appreciated that attitude (they could have been blunt about it & told us to go away since they were closed)....

for those attending, please post the various cd/sacd player(s) that you audition. Have fun & Happy Listening!