Rocky Mountain Audio Fest.

Hey folks.

Unfortunaly due to a hectic weekend, i could not attend this as long as i had hoped, i only managed a couple hours on sunday.

Man that was a lot of fun! I reccommend to everyone to try to go to one of these sometime.

Heard all kinds of fantastic gear, talked with lots of great people, all in all i had a lot of fun. You know, it is almost freaky how good vinyl can sound. That is an area i will definatly have to explore further!

The only disappointment in the show was when i walked into a room that was featuring a certain product line. I quickly noticed the man who was demonstrating the equipment was the man the company was named after. The product line is one i have always had a lot of respect for and had always hoped to obtain. It only took about 30 seconds of being in the room before the man gave me a cold look to let me he did not appreciate my presence in the room. But as with any event when you will be mingling with plenty of wealthy people, there will always be the elitist snobbery.
Ill scratch that line off my list of "To buy" permamantly and will never reccommend them either.

Most of the other rooms were very appreciative and chalk full of good natured people. Listenup Audio's was showing off the flagship Sonus Faber's flagship speakers, cant remember the name off the top of my head. Those speakers were every bit of fun to stare at as to listen to!

Lots of younger people too. I was quite suprised how many people beetween the ages of 20-30 had showed up to the show.

A special thankyou for Roy and Janey at Green Mountain Audio, that was a TREAT! Ive been wanting to get a pair of Europa's, which as far as i know are the bottom of thier product line, and was offerred a tour of the factory when i go down there to pick them up! Without a doubt one of the most welcoming companys i have ever encountered! Hats off to you!

I managed to get a lot of pics, but my PC is having some problems. I'll see what i can do to get them posted up in the next few days, Albert Porter apparently was in denver to cover the show, unfortunatly this weekends jacked up events prevented me from meeting with Mr. Porter. Im sure he will have some excellent pics up as well!
Sorry I missed you Slappy. I covered the show completely and should have the images to Audiogon in a couple of days.

I have to do a lot of editing and Photoshop work, especially the very difficult to capture images of Patricia Barber in concert.
Rocky Mountain AUDIO Fest??!!!!

Ahh man, I went to the Rocky Mountain OYSTER Fest on accident!!

Oh well, next time. Glad to hear you guys enjoyed it.

Thats our Gunbei! Just cannot get enough of those creamy Rocky Mountain Oysters!

What a guy! :)
Yeah sorry about that Albert. This weekend was real hectic, i was lucky just to get a couple hours in. There will be others! :)
Man...I'm bummed that I didn't go (kicking myself in the ass actually)...don't worry I'll be in Denver soon enough to buy you that beer...& Dean...where the hell have ya been...good to have you back...I'll be in LA LA land soon...I hear your M3 calling me.
Just noticed my typo, the CEO for GMA is Janet Lynn, not Janey Lynn.

Stupid fingers have a hard time finding the right keys!!!!

Leave it alone ELLERY!!!!!!!