Green Mountain Sub??

Is anyone familiar with GMA subwoofers? They are referenced on GMA's semi-temporary site, and a new model is also mentioned. Does anyone know what Roy may have cooking? Or has anyone heard an older model? I emailed him, but I would say he has his hands full this time of year. In any case, I'm just curious.
Thanks, Jb3
Having talked to Roy about his speakers on a couple of occasions my guess is that his sub is very fast, articulate and weighty. Pretty much everything you'd want or expect out of a sub.
Roy is working on a Mk3 version of his sub - which should be done soon - no specific date. It is a passive sub - you will need a crossover and an amplifier for it. I believe it will be a 12 inch version. I am certain it will be quick and articulate - and Roy has some definite ideas about placement in order to properly integrate with your montitors. Although I have not heard them yet, I will be getting one when they are available. I hope this helps.

- Scott
I have one sitting in a closet now for a couple or years. I currently don't own an amp to drive it. It's your basic sub with a 12 inch driver in an MDF box about 16x16 with a large aero port on the side and finished in a pebble black paint. As I recall, the MDF panels are fairly thick. The external crossover Roy sold was made by Energy. I don't recall the model. Bass response in my room is problematic and in the end I found better low end response with a pair of Nautilus 802's vs the Diamantes and the sub. I still use the Diamantes but not the sub. Maybe, I'll find a suitable amp again and give it another try.
Rhl Jazz-
The sub you have is the Continuum 12SW. The box is not MDF but an industrial-grade particle board that most cabinetmakers don't like to work with, because it is much harder to cut and shape than MDF. MDF is a weak wood, and to make it strong enough for woofer/subwoofer cabinets, it must be quite thick, ala Thiel, or combined with other woods, like our Continuum 3.

The 12SW you have is still, by anyone's standards, a really good sub- far more linear that what is out there for sale nowadays. It was reviewed in December 1999 Home Theater Magazine.

If it were my $$, I would hang on to it, and contact me for information on how to obtain the proper crossover to make it blend with your B&W speakers. This is not hard.

We sold that Energy crossover to a few customers (we bought them from our local retailer), because it had the correct filter slopes (Model EAC-1, no longer made), and because it was inexpensive. However, we always informed the end user that it employed not-so-good sounding op-amps for the signal to the main speakers, thus compressing the soundstage and dynamics, and sounded somewhat electronic. But it did blend the sub to the mains properly. Although it was marked for "stereo sub amplifier out", it was most definitely a mono sub signal, FYI.

Best regards,
Roy Johnson
Green Mountain Audio