Green Mountain Audio Europas

Can't believe one of my GMA Europas has started to "buzz" quite loudly. A quick "push test" indicates that the voice coil on the 6" driver may be scraping. Attempts to contact GMA revealed the horrible news I hadn't known.... Roy Johnson passed and it appears GMA is gone. I have had my Europas since about 2003 and am very attached to them. Conversations with Roy years ago revealed that the 6" was sourced from AuraSound in Califormia, but phone calls and web research indicates that they may be gone also. Any suggestions? Any Europas out there fore sale? Help!
The Europa is a good speaker. But it might be time to put it in the closet for the time being and move on to something better. Down the road a source for the mid driver, orĀ  a used pair, might come along. But why be without music until then? There are probably monitors in the 1000-1500 price range that will best it.