Squeezebox server w Mac OS 10.8 Mountain Lion ???

Greetings! I use a Macbook Pro as a media server for two Logitech Squeezebox Touches. Very happy with it -- seems to sound better via digital out than Apple TV, and of course the Touch also has a fine sounding built in Sabre DAC.

A Logitech support person told me that the server (now called LMS) runs on Mac OS v10.7 but has problems with 10.8. They offer no date for expected upgrade.

Have any of you tried to use LMS with Apple OS 10.8 Mountain Lion? What were the results?

BTW I found this ominous posting on CNET:
"Question: 32-bit support in Mountain Lion
MacFixIt reader Bill asks:
"I have a 2011 model iMac (current model) with a Sandy Bridge processor, so it should be able to run Mountain Lion. However, I need to know if Mountain Lion will run 32 bit Intel compatible software. I am using a program called Logitech Media Server (formerly called Squeezebox Server). When I open this program in System Preferences, it always tells me to click to restart it in 32 bit mode. So, my question is, will it be able to run in 32 bit mode with Mountain Lion?"
Mountain Lion will run 32-bit applications and programs; however, it will not have a 32-bit kernel, so if a specific software package requires this (mainly kernel extensions) then it will not run. Most should not require this, and should run just fine. Unfortunately your software package seems to be one of those that requires the 32-bit kernel."