Anyone going to see the Police?

The prices for decent seats at some of these shows is staggering. That said, I cannot miss them, they are one of my favorite bands of all time. It was really good seeing them play together at the Grammy's. Anyway, just thought I'd see what everyone thought of the tour.
I already have my (2) tickets for the show at the Pepsi Center in Denver on Sunday June 10th. I also thought the ticket prices were WAY TOO high, but I wanted to see them. Kinda like the Eagles a few years ago...on their 1st "never to be seen" again tour :-)
$200 for mediocre ticket treatment
I even had the best buy presale pass
no way

I'll show up the day of and get a hot ticket when the scaplers get nervous

saw sting two years or so ago
great show lots of police material even some rarer stuff
My PO said I can't go...




I for one will likely not go see them as they had no major influence in my life. If I felt as you (my faovorite band), I would pay whatever it took to see them and have good seats.

Just my 0.02

My wife wants to see them real bad. Me, not so much.
We saw Sting on his last tour and he was less than impressive. Maybe it was a bad night for him. Annie Lennox opened for him; she blew me away!
As it's the wife that wants to go, it'll probably happen. The ticket prices are outrageous though.
I've got a pair of tickets to see them in Miami, but it's at the Dolphin's stadium and up in the nose bleed section. They were $90 each plus processing. I think it was $207 in total. Just being there will be enough for me. If they sound good that will be a plus, but I've always got my living room for that!
Passed on The Police at Dolphins Stadium and went with Al Jarreau & George Benson at a more intimate venue.
I was a teenager when this band was popular in the early 80's.
They were no big deal then and even less of a deal now. I guess music is so mediorce nowadays people are holding on to their memories for better or worse.
Wmcmanus, your point about the living room is well taken. The soound at large event concerts is not the point at all. Concerts are all about the event, the emotion, even the crowd for me. If getting lost in good sound is the aim, then my listening room is the place for me.
listen to their live record. they were a terrible live band. and that's the "good" show they recorded!

and now they're washed up.

(and this is coming from a HUGE Police fan. but they just don't warrant it).
I like the Police, but doubt I will go, too bad they are playing the ultra big arenas and stadiums, I mean there are only 3 of them, very few bands can come alive at the big arenas, Mccartney can do it, Aerosmith can do it,Queen did do it, etc. I think they would come off much better at smaller but still large enough venues,both musically and sonically/
after haring them at the grammy's, only part of the show i saw, there is no chance of me being there. I saw them at the height of their popularity, 1982 i think, so no big deal anyway. but let me get this correct. By tickets for show to see 3 people perform for almost 25 years after the fact or make a car payment. choice is easy.d
I must agree with Ryno. I too am a huge Police fan and the first night I heard "Spirits In the Material World" on the radio driving down the highway in California, I was so happy I couldn't contain my enthusiasm. I rushed to buy the LP and wore the grooves off it. I have their complete recordings box set on CD and there are live cuts on it. Unfortunately Ryno is right, almost every live recording I ever heard of their's was bad to real bad. From what I've heard, "live" was not their thing. In the studio they have some of the best work by a modern band.
I agree with many here, the Grammy gig sucked, every time I hear a live cut it sucks and I cant imagine them being better after all these years, hell the last new release was in 86 and it was a remake of "Dont Stand So Close to Me". I would rather tell folks to buy everything they ever issued, wich in total still costs less then 2 cheap seats and enjoy them at home. I also wonder if their ego's wont again clash and tank the tour early. Also get the feeling that they might put new twists on material to satisfy their "artistic" nature and it would make for a huge let down for folks who want to hear the soundtrack of their youth.
1. I was living in Europe when this Police-thing happened and when I returned I could not understand all of the hype.

2. A huge venue can only be done well by a precious few bands (Dave Mathews being one of them).

3. If you really like the Police then buy the concert DVD and you get what you want,
Unclejeff, I too was living in Europe (London) when the Police broke onto the scene. Although my take is different than yours, as I believe they can easily play a large venue and do it extremely well. I've seen both the Police and Dave Mathews in large venues and I thought the Police smoked DMB. I suppose it's a matter of opinion.

If the Police come to Atlanta, I'll be there regardless of the price.
In the summer of '82 you couldn't swing a dead cat at a radio dial without hearing something off Syncronicity. There was a never a more over-hyped song than Ring Around Your Finger. Even though I was only 13 at the time, to this day I can't stand the Police.
I was in the Tickemaster system within 5 seconds of tix going on sale Monday for the Los Angeles Staples Center show. I had my " 2 best available" selection (at up to $260 face value) and password submitted within 30 seconds, only to have "no tickets match your search criteria" warning come up for the 19,000+ seat Staples Center.

To hell with Ticketmaster and any act that uses them. I'm done with live arena shows.

Come to think of it, I haven't played a Police record in over 15 years. I guess I'm not missing much.

BTW, I agree the Grammy performance was flat and uninspired (although local LA critics fawned all over it).

But, I'm not bitter...much.

First, keep posting; your comments are to be watched for.

Now, the same thing happened to me. I promised my wife that I would get her tickets to a local 'So, you think you can dance' production with several of the Network's most famous stars.

I got into Ticketmaster and 9:58, no too early.

At 9:59, no too early

10:00, YES tickets available! I submitted the same 'best available' and, while my really slow dial-up connection connection processed the order...all of the high-speed DSL folks got their tickets and I was SOL.

I got myself DSL early the next week.

Oh, I paid premium after-market for the tickets as I did promise my wife..........

ps.,,Really who does listen to the Police nowadaze?
Count me as one person who still listens to the Police. GITM is a timeless record that sounds as good today as it did 20+ years ago. I have the box set and listen to it frequently... disc #3 is one of the greatest collections of songs I've ever heard.

If you're not a fan why are you wasting time posting in this thread?
I'm a fan, otherwise I wouldn't have attempted to buy tix.

I'm a fan of quite a few bands whose records or CDs don't get played very often in my home.

There was a time a couple years back when at least one of Sting's solo efforts was being played nearly every day. I saw Sting solo in the late 80s. He played many Police songs arranged much more closely to the original Police performances than the versions he performs today. Incredible show. I've seen him twice.

Stewart Copeland is one of my all time favorite rock drummers, and is still going strong with his composing.

Yep. I'm a fan, which is why it was disappointing to miss out on tickets.
I don't listen to them as much as I used to, but I still do. With my computer
music server, I have made a play list of my favorites from all there albums. I
probably spend more time listening to Ghost, Zenyatta, and Regatta, than the

The Police (along with Dylan and the Stones) are one of the reasons I was an
early adopter of SACD way back when it first came out. I have not done SACD
for years now but have bought the most recent redbook remasters of their
albums (3-4 years back now, I think), which sound very good. Apparently
most of Sting's solo albums have been remastered but the remasters are only
sold in Europe. My friend found them on eBay and is awaiting them. I can't
wait to hear them.

I am going to see them in Tornonto - Lower bowl seats through a ticket

I think Sting needs this tour, creatively speaking. Don't get me wrong, I love
his solo stuff through Brand New Day. IMHO though, he's lost his edge, and
this is an attempt to get it back (to say nothing of the nice paychecks they all
are going to make from this effort). Sacred Love was simply unnaceptable and
the latest classical inspired effort is, well, a pointless exploration for him
(again, IMHO).

Anyway, I hope the tour works for him--gets his groove back. I'm happy to
sit on the sidelines and cheer them on.
saw them in New Orleans tonight
see my initial post

bought auction first row seats
worth every penny

took my 13 yr old new guitarist son to the show
front row right in front of Andy

andy see my eno shirt on the opener and mouths eno
he has a dialog with us all night
the band is hot, real hot, great material
at the end Andy throws my son his pick
he catches it mid air
made my month
mastercard priceless

miss this tour at your own peril, it smokes, hype and all

went on a lark to the houston show on friday, and as big a fan as i am don't discount when i say they were excellent. only 3 of them (no backup singers / performers), simplistic stage setup, no intermissions, great set list (i'll simply say that i heard every song i love, incl such off beats as "bed too big," "cant stand losing you" and "walking on the moon". every LP well represented, band was tight & sting and esp stu are still amazing (stu strikes me as one of the top 3 rock drummers ever).

andy should've gone on an excercise program...he looks like he's aged 2x as much as stu & sting.

terribly expensive, but try to justify it b/c all original members are ALIVE. i couldn't bring myself to see the Who (who i like far more) simply b/c half the band is dead.

For $350 a pop?- no f-ing way!!!

Andy is 64 years old, same age as McCartney
he wasn't fat, maybe you were watching the monitors
Sting is a chiseled rock God and skinny as hell

Sting and Stew are like 8-10 years younger

and stew is the ultimate cool guy
sting could only dream to be

great show, no question!
Saw the TV show they did a few months ago to "break in" the world toruing act. During patter in between songs Sting twice mentioned he was 44 years old ("Kinda hard for this 44 year old to remember the words to all the songs" was one of them). This would have made Sting, what, 14-15 when they released their first album in 1978? Thought he was a school teacher before the band?
Sting had a 40th birthday celebration that was released on Laserdisc tittled "Sting's 40th Birthday Celebration Live From The Hollywood Bowl" wich was released in 1992, so he was 40 most likely in 1991.
from Wilkipedia

Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, CBE born 2 October 1951

that would make him 55
Saw them last night at Wrigley field in Chicago. They were not the tightest live band, but I enjoyed the show. And it was fun to see a show at my favorite ball park.

If you want to see a very tight nostalgia act, go see the Stones. Say what you want about them, maybe they haven't made a good record in 20 years, but they can REALLY play together.

Maybe if the Police had been touring almost non-stop for the past 20 years, as the Stones have, they might be as good live. Probably not, though.

Andy Summers sounded fantastic last night. He is an excellent guitar player.
Saw the June 9 show in Denver, great experience. The band had synergy, as Sting was playing an old bass (really sweet sound) Stewart had 2 percussion rigs and Andy was outstanding!
gee Sting got biggigitus at Live Earth
lost his voice in Can't Stand Losing You
never fully recovered

when I saw them last week he was dead on all week
I have two tickets available for this Sunday's (7/22) show in Toronto. I thought I
could go but cannot. Email me if you are interested, know someone who is, or
know how I can sell them on short notice. I'll be seeing them in Detroit
tomorrow night.